Real Talk w/ Harris – Differences in Home Insurance Policies

– When you think about homeowners insurance, know one simple thing, all policies are not equal – I'm Harris Benson with John Daugherty, Realtors and you're watching Real Talk w/ Harris – I have Leash Yu with Agency Yu here with me today

He's an expert in homeowner's insurance – Talk to us about why all policies aren't all created equal – So, policies are not created equal because there's vast differences in what they cover and what they don't cover So there's two types of coverages that are out there There's an all risk coverage and there's a named perils only coverage – Pretty much at any cost, you should go with an all risk policy – It covers everything unless the coverage is specifically excluded whereas a named perils only policy covers only things that are named on the policy – For example, if wind drives rain through the width of windows and the doors of your house then it's a cause of loss called 'wind driven rain' – An all risk policy doesn't exclude thatit covers it and a named parallels only policy doesn't name that specific cause of loss as damage to your home so there's no coverage – Make sure you're working with your insurance agent to understand the differences because you can't just look at the bottom price and say 'oh this is the cheapest policy so I'm going with that' – It really all ties back to another topic we discussed in another video which is simply just choose the right insurance agent You want so in that you have a relationship with, you want somebody who's going to explain the the benefits and features of each plan that way you just choose the right one for you – I'm Harris Benson with John Daugherty, Realtors and this is Leash Yu with Agency Yu