Ruff Range Dog Park is the “Ultimutt” Day Out in Frisco

I like to run full stride with the wind tickling my ears, holding nothing back. I like the feel of the grass and the sunshine, to roll around and get a little dirt on my belly. Throw me a tennis ball over and over and I’m the happiest dog you’ve ever seen.

I’m Rocky. I’m 26, but my humans like to tell people I’m only two and a half. (Their math is questionable.) I live in Frisco and I’m a sucker for a good adventure at Ruff Range Dog Park.

Why? Well, for one, there’s a designated space just for me and my small breed friends with a pavilion, a water station, a dog wash station, seating for my humans, and a beautiful grassy hill area where I can run my little heart out. I love making new friends there and guessing their names before I meet them – just a fun game that you should try sometime.

My larger breed friends have space of their own at Ruff Range, too. In fact, there are two of those areas for the dogs who are 35 pounds or more, since they’re a little harder on their play space. While one area recovers, the other one is open for playtime. (They rotate every two weeks, on the 1st and 15th of the month.)

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Make sure you follow the Ruff Range Dog Park rules so that you don’t get asked to leave. Some rules are designed to make sure we dogs behave while others are for our humans to follow to keep us all safe. Here are the rules you should note:

Dog Rules

  • Be nice to other dogs and to humans. Aggressive behavior is a no-no.
  • Stay in your lane. A 35 lb. weight limit is the cut-off between large and small dogs. No large dogs in the small dog area and/or small dogs in the large dog area for any reason.
  • No digging. Your owner will have to immediately fill in any holes.
  • Keep the barking to a minimum. Dogs barking continuously must be removed from the park.
  • Stay up to date on vaccines. (If requested by Frisco Animal Control, owners must provide current vaccination and license information.)
  • Wear your collar (no spikes!) and tags.
  • You need to be leashed and stay under control when entering and exiting the dog park.
  • Sunrise is opening time and sunset is closing time. Oh, and, plan something else for Thursdays, because Ruff Range is closed on that day.

Human Rules

  • Owners must accompany their dogs at all times and shall have no more than two (2) dogs in the off-leash area at one time.
  • No animals other than canines are allowed into the dog park.
  • Owners must remain in the area at all times and keep dogs in sight and under their control.
  • Owners are responsible for the behavior of their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by them.
  • Owners must carry a leash at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for securely latching any gates as they enter or exit the dog park.
  • Owners must pick up and dispose of dog feces properly.
  • Female dogs in heat or in season and puppies under four months of age are not allowed in the off-leash

General Guidelines

  • Other than tennis balls and Frisbees, no dog food, treats, or toys from home are allowed.
  • Dog training or classes of any kind inside the park are not allowed unless a proper permit has been
  • Dog grooming inside the off-leash area is not permitted.
  • Children under the age of 18 shall be accompanied by a responsible adult, who will be accountable for the behavior and well being of the child. Children should be discouraged from approaching or playing with unfamiliar dogs.
  • No screaming, running or loud noises.
  • Eating and smoking are not allowed inside the off-leash area.
  • Glass and metal containers are not allowed inside the dog park.
  • Proper shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No bicycles are allowed within the off-leash area.

Ruff Range

You can pull right up and find a spot in the parking lot at Ruff Range and decide which area is right for your own size. Then you enter a little holding area to be sure everyone’s behaving properly, and then you get to go PLAY! They call this a double-gated vestibule, and your owner should double-check each gate is closed for maximum control over yourself and other dogs as they come and go.

Your humans will know what to do, but be sure to check out the info on how to enter and leave the off-leash area.

If you have any other questions about Ruff Range, please email: [email protected] or call: 972-292-6500. Hopefully, I’ll see you there one of these days and we can enjoy a few laps and a roll in the grass together.

Open Sunrise to Sunset
Closed Thursdays for Maintenance

5335 4th Army Memorial Drive, Frisco, TX 75034, within B.F. Phillips Community Park. When you see the water tower in between Stonebrook and Lebanon, near Teel, you know it’s almost time for your playdate!

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