Sammy Gonzalez and Greg Brinkley – Pursuing Growth and Greatness

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Interview #113

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed with life, or simply stuck in a rut? Sammy Gonzalez and Greg Brinkley of “The Pursuit of Growth” have an actionable plan for people who want to move past the depression, stress, and anxiety in their lives and create a lifestyle that leads to joy, accomplishment, and peace of mind. Even helping people who are already experiencing a good life, but want to grow and transform their lives into something great!

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Show Notes:

00:32 – What are Sammy’s and Greg’s backgrounds and how are they involved in Frisco
02:33 – Why did they decide to write a book together
06:37 – What is the “1 Minute Matters” series
08:43 – What is 1 interesting thing we should all know about Sammy and Greg
12:23 – Where do we find all details on “The Pursuit of Growth” book and contact information for Sammy and Greg

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