Season Tickets with a Texas Legends Twist

I'm a self-proclaimed softie for a good sports season ticket experience. For me, it's gotta be local. I love my Frisco bubble and luckily for me, I don't have to leave it to get my sport-watching fix on auto-repeat season after season.

I have my go-to seats and traditions from years of watching Frisco RoughRiders and FC Dallas games, but I'll tell you there's something different about how the Texas Legends ‘do' season ticket experiences. And I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

What's the deal with season tickets?

I think we all love a little status here and there. Access to exclusive events, priority seating and discounts on merch? Yes, please. I will gladly take it and enjoy it all day long. These are some of the Texas Legends season ticket holder benefits (and it's just one slice of what they have going on for these devoted fans).

Texas Legends FansPremium season ticket holders and sponsors are members of the Texas Legends Owner’s Club. More status? Yes, indeed. In addition to the benefits of being a season ticket holder, you also get even more perks in the Owner's Club. You get the prime seats in Comerica Center and you get to use the Transworld Club Lounge during home games to mingle and enjoy a complimentary all-you-can-eat buffet, non-alcoholic beverages, and a private bar.

That's where my family comes into the picture. With Club tickets, we can all enjoy a good meal in the lounge, say hello to friends, grab a free popcorn and soda and go to our prime seats just in time for pre-game. Everyone's happy!

As for non-game perks, and this is where the business tends to come in, you get invited to a complimentary breakfast, lunch, happy hour and family event every month. This seems to be the secret sauce.

It's the combination of the game experience PLUS the networking and community involvement that seal the deal for many season ticket holders we've talked to.

Since Day One

Becky and Paul Williams have been season ticket holders since the beginning. They use their tickets for both fun and business. Becky says it's about a 50/50 mix, but it does blend as one considering they work together at Bison Financial Group.

You'll find the Williams' at every home game. And, not only that, you'll find them sitting in floor seats.

Being season ticket holders all these years means they have quite the collection of autographed jerseys and strong connections with the Texas Legends staff, as well. Becky says,

The Legends really treat you like family. It really is like a “Cheers” experience because there are a lot of regular season ticket holders who over the years have become like family.

Paul thinks it's a better game at this G-League level than some of the other professional sports. From his courtside perspective, he sees that the players play harder.

It's a wonderful game, the team is first class, the management is first class and we love it because the players play harder. Whether it's the guys that have just been bumped back or trying to take that step up, they play harder. It's an exciting game and a lot of fun.

legends_post_game_pic_with_playerThey have had favorite players come and go, of course. It's the nature of sports to get someone you're really excited about and then they're gone. Paul says when he sees a Mavericks coach sitting at the end of the Legends bench he has a feeling we might be losing players tomorrow.

It's like business. When you have the chance to hire someone you may only get them for six months, but at least you get them for six months. If you have them just a little while, you hire them.

Conscious Involvement

Jennifer Scott is in her second season of the Owner's Club. Jennifer is proud to be the owner and Chief People Officer of HireEffect, which provides back office services for small business owners. Her connection with the Legends isn't about going to the games or networking for business. It's a little more about Conscious Capitalism and community.

Are all the people inside the Owner's Club her prospects? No. But the relationships are. She says every relationship that she can forge is a good relationship.

I love the social impact, community involvement, Mission of the Month, the support of STEM for kids, and the support for business owners in the area. We are a conscious business, and I love that the Legends are service minded.

Jennifer explains that the Legends organization and fellow members of the Legends' Owner's Club are the right crowd for her because doing business the right way is important to her.

Texas Legends -20181030-5-X2Another season ticket holder who also takes advantage of his season ticket holder status by consistently attending the Owner's Club events is Peter Beshara.

Although Peter is a Legends fan, not living nearby means he doesn't end up at the evening games as often as others. But Peter says that this group of people is the mix of individuals that's right for him as a distributor for Bemer. What the Legends are so good at is providing many other opportunities for fans to be involved besides simply being in a seat at the game.

Sponsor Synergy

Strikz Entertainment has proudly held season tickets for five years, and they keep coming back because of the benefit they receive as a sponsor. Their business is in the business of entertainment. So, to be able to have a vendor table at the games, meet fans, and give away prizes is so beneficial to Strikz, according to Kendra McMurray, Director of Sales.

Meeting people within the networking opportunities at the lunches and happy hours, plus the free perks are all part of why they love the Legends.

We just love it. It's a wonderful family to be a part of. The Legends do their draft party at Strikz and their bowling with the player night at Strikz. The whole organization is so accessible.

Texas Legends -20181030-5-X2Personally, this particular partnership had me hooked from the get-go. Who else gets to bowl alongside the professional players you watch on the court?

As a season ticket holder and Owner's Club member, my family bowled, shared food, took pictures and got to know the players and coaches to kick off the season. You can't beat that, in my opinion.

The ‘we' within the Legends

The “we” is something we heard a lot when talking to Texas Legends season ticket holders. There's a conscious, collective culture the staff has built that truly goes beyond the basketball court. The players and the game are what we root for and enjoy but it's also the camaraderie we get from gathering throughout the year that keeps us coming back.

Texas LegendsI say “we” because I'm one myself. ‘We' means my family enjoying the team outings, the draft, and the movie nights, not to mention the countless Legends games we've experienced together.

‘We' also means my work family. Work colleagues, business connections, insight from speakers and presenters in our community – it's a collective group of people we enjoy connecting with on a regular basis.

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