Setting the Standard of Excellence for Service and Fair Billing

If you’ve ever been a patient at Legacy ER & Urgent Care, what I’m about to say won’t surprise you.

You’re familiar with their wide range of services, fast turnaround times, and fair billing practices. You appreciate that Legacy houses urgent and emergency care under one roof, only billing patients for the level of service they actually need.

Even so, a number can be worth a thousand words. Consider these statistics from Frisco's neighborhood provider:

  • Legacy ER & Urgent Care treats more than 100,000 local patients a year.
  • Of this total, more than 20,000 patients are of pediatric age and 20% of patients are seen for orthopedic related injuries.
  • Legacy ER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • The average wait time to see a doctor is consistently under 5 minutes and total door to door average time is under 45 minutes for urgent care.
  • Over 85% of patients who seek treatment are billed as urgent care
  • Research suggests Legacy is saving $13M to $21M in unnecessary ER charges to North Texans alone.
  • Legacy’s customer service scoring methodology (Net Promoter Score) ranks in the top 1% of all global retailers

These facts and figures are impressive, but what's even more meaningful is the philosophy behind them.

Legacy ER_Dr WoodyLegacy ER & Urgent Care is 100% focused on providing the best patient experience at every stage of care, from reception to billing.

What you may not see (but makes a huge difference in your overall health care) is Legacy’s strong commitment to partnering with your primary care providers and specialists.

Partnerships that Reduce Your Health Care Costs

By striving to compliment (versus compete with) primary care physicians and specialists, Legacy enhances the overall quality of care – and reduces your health care costs.

How do they partner with physicians and specialists? – and why is it so important to you as a patient? Let’s take a theoretical example that's all too common for Frisco families.

We all know that Saturday is game day here in Sports City, USA. Unfortunately, that also means it's an orthopedic injury day. What to do when your little player lands on the injured list and needs immediate care?

injury medicalA traditional hospital ER is always an option, but you can expect long waits and big bills (no matter how minor the injury actually turns out to be). You can try an urgent care facility, but they may not have the correct diagnostic tools or expertise if it's a more serious injury.

You can get Junior to tough it out until Monday when the pediatrician opens, but that option comes with all kinds of risks. What's a parent to do?

Your child’s health and comfort is, of course, your top priority, but there are also the practical concerns of convenience – and cost – to consider. The great news? If you choose to go to Legacy ER & Urgent Care, you can actually combine the best of all three options. Here’s how:

Setting the Standard of Excellence for Care, Service, and Fairness

First, Legacy ER & Urgent Care is exactly that – two forms of care under one roof. David Apple, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy, explains why this model is so beneficial to patients:

Legacy offers the same level of services you would get from a hospital ER, as well as expedient urgent care. The best part about our model is we only charge for the level of care needed, so you don’t have to try to decipher the severity of your case before deciding where to go for care.

Each Legacy facility is fully equipped with state of the art imaging and lab equipment so testing and results can be done in house limiting the time patients spend in our facilities. When patients come to see us assuming they have an ER level case, we're able to save them a great deal of money if it turns out they only need urgent care, something that an ER only facility is unable to offer.

Legacy puts this “triage” process into practice with objective criteria and, amazingly, 85% of Legacy patients are billed at the (much lower) urgent care rate.

This combination of the best parts of ER and urgent care takes the guesswork out of where to go for your weekend soccer injury.

How does your pediatrician (and other specialists) fit into the picture?

Legacy ERAs a parent, it's important to me to have my pediatrician in the loop any time my child receives care and I want strong communication between all of my providers. Legacy provides this type of partnership – and this is how it benefits you as a patient:

  • First and foremost, Legacy is always open, which is a key benefit to primary care providers, pediatricians, and specialists. Legacy has a close network of provider partners who send patients to Legacy when they are out of appointments, after hours, and on holidays and weekends.
  • Legacy follows up closely with physicians post-care. After a patient is seen, Legacy works with primary physicians post-care to provide up to date notes and information about the patient’s condition and treatment.
  • Legacy works with your specialists and refers you to quality partners. For example, in our soccer injury scenario, Legacy treats the immediate need and facilitates appointments with the right orthopedic specialists.

David explains the process:

After treating the patient for the emergency or urgent need, Legacy notifies either the patient’s preferred orthopedic physician or a specialist in Legacy’s own partner network. If they're available, we invite the doctor to our facility while the patient is still in care, to personally take the next steps in their continuation of care.

If the orthopedic physician is not available, our team will call to schedule the patient an appointment with one of our partner orthopedics.

Legacy_ER_ExamLegacy has innovative partnerships specifically to address areas of need. Going back once more to Junior’s soccer injury, Legacy recognizes the need for quality weekend orthopedic care in Frisco and has created a partnership for this specific purpose. David explains,

Another great example of the value of these relationships is during youth sports. We have so many weekend youth orthopedic cases in Frisco on Saturdays that one of our partner orthopedic physicians runs a special Sunday clinic just to see those patients. This is a valued relationship that fits our patient-first model exceptionally well.

It's evident that Legacy ER and Urgent Care is intentional about partnering with physicians and specialists for every stage of your care. Legacy chooses partners that share their philosophy and patient-centric model.

We consider [PCPs and specialists] who see the benefit of convenient care and a patient-first model as part of our partnership group. Due to our high volume and excellent reputation of service, we seek out the practices and associates that hold customer service to the same high level that we do, which makes for a seamless transition of patient care. More importantly, these partnerships create a great network of care for patients that desire a high level of compassionate service.

When you visit a Legacy facility for your weekend soccer injury (or any unexpected medical concern), you can count on this high level of compassionate care, as well as efficient service and fair billing.

Legacy_ER_ExteriorThe doctors at Legacy ER and Urgent Care and their quality partners will have you feeling better in no time.

And, until they do, you can feel good about making a smart choice for your family’s medical care.

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