Should I Report My Car Crash To My Insurance Company If It’s Not My Fault? – CA Lawyer Frank Nunes

You're minding your own business driving when some careless driver hits you Now you want to know whether you should report the crash to your insurance or not, especially when it's not your fault

Hi, I'm Frank Nunes, a California personal injury trial attorney practicing law in the State of California Join me as we explore the answer to this question Many people say, "It wasn't my fault Why do I need to report it to my insurance?" Well, typically most insurance policies require that the policyholder timely report any potential claims I say potential, as they could or could not be a claim against you in a urgent or prompt matter

The timeliness is important, because it gives your insurance company an opportunity to investigate the crash, to determine the other party's insurance, and to perhaps work out a resolution of the damage to your car or even your medical bills if that should be the case The downside is if you fail to report the crash to the insurance company, even if it's not your fault, and it turns out the driver that hit you didn't have insurance coverage, or it turns out the driver doesn't have enough insurance coverage, and your insurance company is completely in the dark, they're not going to be very happy with you about the claim It could pose problems in resolving your claim in the best way possible It's always a good idea to report it to your insurance company, especially if you have full coverage, and your car is towed from the scene Most often, cars are towed by tow yards to the tow yard's facility, which charges a higher rate of storage

For example, just like short-term parking at an airport, the rate is typically much higher per day than it is in the long-term parking Similarly, the tow yard storage fees can be exorbitant If you don't report the claim to your insurance, and it turns out that your insurance is going to be looked to to pay for those storage fees, they're going to not want to pay for the fees if they had no idea your car was even in tow storage Again, it's always safer to report the claim to your insurance company That way, they'll apprise you of the coverages you have, and they're prepared in case something goes wrong with the careless driver's coverage in your situation

Now people worry about their rates going up If the claim is not the result of your carelessness, then why would your rates go up? If for some reason your carrier decides to raise your rates, vote with your checkbook Go to a different carrier, but you should always follow the terms of your policy Disclose everything that needs to be reported to your insurance company so they can handle the case in the way for you, and all your bases are covered That's it for today's video, whether you should report a non-fault crash to your own insurance

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