Sue Chapman and Lari Mcconegly – Healing Horses and Hearts at Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue

Interview #68

Two of the most lively and heart-warming women we've interviewed yet… Sue Chapman and Lari Mcconegly of Becky's Hope Horse Rescue. As a 100% volunteer-run non-profit, the organization is named for Becky, a tribute to the grandmother of one of their co-founders. And, Hope comes from their belief that they can provide hope for all of the abused and neglected horses that are found globally.

Show Notes:

0:42 – What are Sue’s and Lari’s backgrounds and how did they get to Frisco
3:13 – What are the most pressing needs for the horses and large animals at Becky’s Hope
5:04 – How do the horses help with human recovery and how can you “sponsor” a horse
5:51 – When are “tour days” for Becky’s Hope when anyone can come visit
6:53 – Love Therapy for our first responders
7:00 – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! How Becky’s Hope horses are helping first responders with search and rescue missions
8:11 – How Becky’s Hope raised so much money on GIVE FOR FRISCO day
9:16 – How you can help support the great work at Becky’s Hope with volunteerism and funds

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