Take a Shot for a Healthier You – Salubrious Juice & More in Frisco

Did someone say ‘It’s time to take a shot'? Yes, please!

Naturally, when you hear the word shot you immediately think of tequila, vodka or some other spirit in a little shot glass… But there's a new kind of shot on the market!

Take a Shot of Superfoods

Salubrious Juice and More 6I hate to break it to you but this particular shot doesn’t contain alcohol… Listen up, though, because it's a health boost that you don't want to miss. It's concentrated with healthy ingredients and it's an easy way to implement superfoods into your diet.

My personal post-workout favorite is an invigorating ‘Immune Shot’ that has a blend of ginger, turmeric, and apple. These magical spices and superfoods are known for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation in the body, stimulating weight loss, and aiding in younger looking skin.

Bonus points, it's only 35 calories! And if you struggle with being hangry post-workout like I do, the Immune Shot will tide you over until you can eat a healthy meal.

Where can you find an Immune Shot in Frisco? My favorite place is Salubrious Juice & More located at Rolater Road and Hillcrest in Frisco. Sa-lu-bri-ous, the unique four-syllable word, literally means healthy, beneficial, wholesome.

Salubrious owner AjayOwner Ajay Sharma couldn’t have coined a better name for his eclectic venue because the store is geared towards the health-conscious consumer. They offer shots, juices for daily drinking (or to cleanse), smoothies, and wholesome and seasonal paninis. (Don’t worry coffee and espresso drinkers, Ajay has you covered on the menu as well!)

Not All Juice Bars Are Created Equal

Salubrious Juice and MoreThe reason Salubrious Juice & More’s products work is because they're created with organic (toxin-free) vegetable-based juice versus fruit-based. Therefore, they don’t cause a spike to your blood sugar levels.

These juices are also produced from whole vegetables and fruits, not concentrated powders that are typically highly processed and stripped of vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

In the case of powder products, the nutrients have to be synthetically added back into the product. Another key factor, Salubrious opts for serving these without ice to provide you with a concentrated juice product that's not diluted. In essence, you can drink your way to health.

Making Good Health Possible

Salubrious drinksIf you're struggling with your strength or stamina, and need an overall energy boost, opt for a juice with beets. The ‘Lovely Red’ juice is power packed with beet juice nitrates that improve blood flow almost instantaneously. This helps the body efficiently deliver oxygen to the muscles.

You might even notice a body charge reboot within as little as 30 minutes. The 80 calorie juice is also known to support heart health, increase the libido, stimulate the body to detox, and reduce the signs of aging.

Mean Green SalubriousIs your skin looking tired and dehydrated? Or do you need to rehydrate post-workout? The ‘Mean Green’ is calling you. With only 60 calories it won't break all the exercise you’ve accomplished. This green juice contains superfoods cucumber, celery, apple, and lemon along with parsley and cilantro.

Cucumbers are 90 percent water which offers a natural cooling sensation and will hydrate the body. Cucumbers are also loaded with magnesium, potassium, and silica which will improve your skin and give you that radiant glow. And superfood celery is 60 percent water and known for its vitamin K property. Celery is power packed with antioxidants to aid in fertility, lower blood glucose, and serum lipid levels. This might just be your new post-workout reward!

Are you wondering why hydration is so important post-workout? According to Practical Fitness Co-owner and trainer Jeff Gotte,

Staying hydrated with quality sources is imperative to your health and performance. Keeping the body hydrated allows the muscle to be supple, pliable, and perform optimally whether you’re out for a walk with a loved one or hitting the gym hard. When muscles are dehydrated, not only does it affect the mechanical ability for the muscle to contract (or work), but blood flow to the muscle is impeded causing a host of negative side effects. Find access to quality water and drink sources and cherish them!

Frisco Salubrious Juice and MoreNext time you’re needing an energy boost or hydration, let healthy and wholesome ‘Salubrious’ be the name that pops in your head. Why wait until 2019 when you can feel better and be healthier right now?

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