Tax election proposes increasing M&O rate by $0.13

Frisco ISD is proposing an increase in its maintenance and operations tax rate for fiscal year 2018-19, triggering an election.

The maintenance and operations, or M&O, tax rate is proposed to increase by $0.13 per $100 valuation to pay for operational projects in the district. Though the M&O tax rate is proposed to increase, the interest and sinking, or I&S, tax rate is proposed to decrease by $0.15, resulting in an overall tax rate decrease of $0.02 per $100 valuation compared with the 2017-18 tax rate.

In August, the FISD board of trustees adopted a tax of $1.57 per $100 valuation—$1.17 for the M&O rate and $0.40 for the I&S tax rate. If voters approve increasing the M&O tax rate, FISD would then lower the I&S tax rate to $0.27 for a total tax rate of $1.44.