Ten Things to Do Between Texas Legends Seasons

It’s not uncommon for a teacher to task a student at the beginning of a school year with an assignment such as, “Write an essay about what you did this summer.” It’s an interesting exercise because it requires the student to dive into cognitive memory in a fun and engaging manner while the teacher simultaneously reanimates a possibly dormant brain and prepares it for impending education.

It could also be a sadistic attempt to remind students, “Remember when you were having fun?” (The first paragraph sounds pretty poetic. This paragraph just shows how bitter I was when I was that student receiving that assignment.)

What did I do? I had fun with it.

The Texas Legends 2018-2019 season has drawn to a close. There were many positives for many of the players who donned the jersey and ran the floor with this year’s squad, but unfortunately, it didn’t end in the manner anyone would’ve hoped. So now what? Wait until next season?

Remember when you were having fun?

10Years Texas LegendsThe Texas Legends, YOUR Texas Legends, will be celebrating their tenth season as a franchise in Frisco, Texas, next season.

So, here’s your assigned task in honor of this upcoming anniversary: Write an essay about the ten things you can do this summer in anticipation of the next Texas Legends season.

I’ll wait.

Actually, I don’t get paid unless I submit my list here, so let me help you out. Then you can write your own and submit it to the Texas Legends c/o Malcolm Farmer or Lifestyle Frisco c/o everyone. They’ll love it. Trust me. In no particular order:

Reconnect with your family

Sure, you and your family have gone to Legends games together or talked about the Legends together, but now you can stop referring to your kids as “Kostas” at least for now.

Break the habit of yelling, “Hey, Coach Bob,” when trying to get your father’s attention. Take a timeout from the awkward moment when you call your husband “Keith Hornsby.” Unless you are, in fact, Mrs. Keith Hornsby in which case proceed.

Memorize every G League team and its NBA affiliate

There are 30 NBA teams and 27 G League teams. The only NBA teams that don't have an affiliate are the Denver Nuggets, Portland Trailblazers, and New Orleans Pelicans. I won’t list all of the teams here, but some of them have awesome names.

Texas Legends FriscoThe Indiana Pacers affiliate is the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. They might be tiny ants, but look how infuriated they are! The Washington Wizards have the Capital City Go-Go.

I wonder if they’re sponsored by the applesauce packs (parent reference). Learn the teams, learn the affiliates, learn the game. You know, the name Texas Legends is quite a stand out as well.

Name your own G League team

Some teams are named directly after its affiliate, such as the Chicago Bulls have the Windy City Bulls. Some teams are slight derivatives, such as the Detroit Pistons have the Grand Rapids Drive. Then there are the fun ones like the Boston Celtics affiliate, the Maine Red Claws.

So, if you had to create a name for a new team, say for one of the three NBA franchises without a G League team, what would you call it? Would the Denver Nuggets have the Colorado Chicken Fingers? Maybe the Portland Trailblazers would have the Oregon Trail. I think the New Orleans Pelicans would have to be the French Quarters. What do you think?

Jump rope

No real reason. It’s just good, affordable exercise. You could make up Legends-centric jump rope lyrics to accompany it.

Macon Texas LegendsDaryl Macon/He likes bacon
Went downstairs to see what’s shakin’
Found a skillet/Now it’s time to grill it
Breakfast time for goodness sakin’

Or something like that. I’m kind of hungry right now. And don’t pretend that’s not going to be stuck in your head for a minute or two.

Give back

The Texas Legends, in connection with Legacy Plumbing, select a different local non-profit each month of the season to support. But just because the season is over doesn’t mean the charity has to stop. The Legends’ Mission of the Month features numerous local non-profits to support. Take a look at their Mission of the Month and take up a cause.

Think of a dream you’re willing to bust your tail for

I’ve mentioned it before, but these guys who lace them up every game for the Legends usually aren’t millionaires like the NBA guys are. In most cases, the majority of the fans in the arena make more annually than the G League players they’re cheering on. They're out there because they love the game.

Legends FriscoThey're chasing a dream most of them have had since the first time they dribbled a basketball. All of the practices, all of the travel, few of the glamorous frills usually associated with a professional athlete, so why do it?

Put yourself in their high-top sneakers. What would you do to fulfill a dream? These guys have an answer. That’s why they’re worthy of your support when the next season starts and every season.

Diagram a play for the Legends

If I remember the story correctly, an old friend of mine once spotted former Hall-of-Fame Dallas Mavericks coach (and father of Legends owner Donnie Nelson) Don Nelson at a bar in Hawaii. He didn’t want to bother him, but when Coach Nelson got up to leave, my friend raced over to his table before they could clear it off. He found a bunch of those little white bar napkins with various diagramed plays scribbled on them.

Texas Legends MacKinnonMind you, Nellie was retired from coaching and just enjoying his life, but he was still concocting schemes to cut through another team’s defense. My friend stole all of them, but that’s not the point.

While you wait for the next Texas Legends season to begin, draw up a few of your own plays. Submit them to the team. I promise you Coach MacKinnon will almost certainly not implement them into his playbook, but you can technically brag that you drew up plays for the Legends.

Take Legends selfies

Maybe you’ve noticed or perhaps you haven’t, but there are Texas Legends logos and promos all over Frisco. If you spot one, take a selfie with it. Post it to social media and hashtag the Legends, hashtag Lifestyle Frisco, hashtag where you found it, hashtag anything you want.

Keith Hornsby Texas Legends campI know from personal experience the Legends love it when you show your support for the team, especially on Twitter. Just put on your favorite selfie face, promote your favorite team, and hope some weird guy at the mall doesn’t photobomb you.

Cross stitch Legends doilies

I’ve never cross stitched before, but I hear it’s therapeutic and really helps pass the time. Use them to decorate your home or a local senior living center. Or send them to the Texas Legends c/o Malcolm Farmer. They’ll love it. Trust me.

Order season tickets

It stands to reason that the best time to get season tickets is before the season starts. So, while you’re waiting for your Legends to return to action, secure your season tickets for the upcoming season and receive benefits like invites to exclusive team events, meet and greets with the players, discounts on Legends gear, priority seating, and many more special offers. Sell some of your doilies to finance it if needed.

That’s my list. I may or may not do all or any of these things to fill the offseason, but I’ll try. You could try, too.

Texas Legends LogoSpeaking of which, I believe I gave you an assignment. The Texas Legends will tip-off their tenth season in Frisco this fall, so why not have an essay ready to let the team know what you did during the offseason? Have fun with it. It’s not for a grade.

Now tell me if that little Daryl Macon jump rope ditty isn’t still stuck in your head. Class dismissed.

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