Texas Legends Owner’s Club is a Networking Slam Dunk

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The Texas Legends, official NBA G-League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks, have become leaders in cultivating a season ticket fan base who specializes in mixing business with pleasure. Case in point, the Texas Legends Owner’s Club. Bring your business card and get ready to socialize with hundreds of executives, small business owners, and local businesses that want to connect with each other, all while getting into the spirit of supporting the Texas Legends on the basketball court.

A Growing Network

What started as a networking breakfast six years ago in the Owner’s lounge inside Dr. Pepper Arena has grown into a business “family” that meets regularly for networking breakfasts and lunch meetings with relevant business content from speakers and sponsors. Additionally, they meet for fun family events inside and outside of the basketball arena.

Texas Legends breakfast speakerThis group is more than just a networking club. It’s a year-round entertainment package that includes networking for members to build their business and bring their family and friends to Texas Legends games and events.

The Owner’s Club group brings together people with common interests to do business together and it works. Six figure deals have developed from this group. “Free agents” looking for career opportunities have been hired from this group, and not to mention the impactful charitable contributions and donations that come from this group of doers.

Texas Legends BusinessWhen the Texas Legends expanded the Owner’s Club into a lunch event, it was Phil Claybrooke who spoke at the lunch on the topic of Turning Unconscious Bias into Conscious Thought. Claybrooke, President and CEO of Metrics2Results, says because the Legends were a key to the success of growing his business he comes to the lunches to connect people and help them get the benefits that he himself got out of the group originally. Claybrooke shared,

The way I see it the Legends have created a place for family-safe entertainment, they contribute to the community and they allow average business people to network successfully. I can’t express how much Donnie, Malcolm, Spud and the organization do for this community.

Powerful Line-Up

Corporate involvement from a spectrum of industries, from technology to health care, help to provide quality content and programs. Pizza Hut, Raytheon, Toyota, United Healthcare, IKEA, and Baylor Scott & White are just a handful of examples of Legends’ networking partners. Frisco’s Economic Development Corporation, Frisco Independent School District and the Frisco Education Foundation also are represented as speakers across the breakfast and lunch series. This group is a path to hear from these dynamic entities, learn about their initiatives and have the opportunity to get involved with them directly.

Coach Mack Texas LegendsSmall to medium-sized businesses really fuel the fire when it comes to attendees wanting to find resources, vendors, employees and strategic coaching. More than five years ago Fenwick Insurance Agency owner Peggy Fenwick moved to Texas and got involved with the Legends Owner’s Club. Peggy values the staff who take care of her and her business guests and she embraces the family atmosphere the Legends have built. Fenwick says,

I can truthfully say it is a relationship and not just a connection, which is a huge difference. The business networking opportunities bring together a growing number of people and businesses from our area which allows for further connections and relationships. The Legends also support very worthwhile causes I like to be close to and associated with that benefit children and our veterans.

Why the Legends Do It

Texas LegendsThe Texas Legends facilitate the meeting of the minds, bringing people together several times a month over coffee, lunch, happy hour and family events. The group might meet to catch a movie, tour the facilities or even go bowling with the Texas Legends players and front office staff.

Malcolm Farmer, President and General Manager of the Texas Legends, explains one of the primary reasons for forming and fostering the Owner’s Club. While the Legends already have the opportunity to connect the community and large corporations on a bigger scale, the Owner’s club allows people and businesses to connect on a small to medium scale. Farmer explains,

We are a basketball team but that’s not all we are or all we do. We are a platform into the community. We don’t want to be in the community – we want to be part of it. If all we are doing is the sporting event, we aren’t doing enough.

The Legends Owner’s Club unique form of networking is working. For the seventh straight year, the Legends set new highs in attendance, season tickets sales and renewals, as well as involvement by corporate partners.

The upcoming draft kicks off the Texas Legends’ ninth season in Frisco, and they continue to raise the bar both on and off the court. To be a part of the Texas Legends family call 214-469-0822 or visit their website.

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