The Bar Method Frisco is a Full Body Workout for Students of all Levels

Bar Method Frisco

In the 1970s women tossed aside their aprons for business suits and entered the workforce en masse. This was coined as “The Quiet Revolution.” Today the landscape of business has changed and the Quiet Revolution continues, albeit in a different configuration.

Women are now leaving corporate jobs behind and creating home-based businesses or small businesses outside of their home. Entrepreneurship allows women to be their own boss, obtain flexibility, and pursue work-life balance. Best of all, women can carve out much needed ‘me-time’ into their schedules.

Currently, it’s estimated that over 10 million businesses are owned by women. This trend continues to grow at twice the pace of all U.S. businesses.

The Bar Method Frisco 5 Reshoo (pronounced ray shoe) Patel is no stranger to this movement. This inspiring little ray of sunshine worked in the corporate/public accounting world for 12 years after college and imagined a full life in the corporate world until retirement.

After her second child Ava was born, ten to twelve hour work days became sheer drudgery. She says,

I realized I was just going through the motions and not truly passionate about my everyday life, which included work, being lost as a mother, and feeling mentally and physically weaker with age.

After Reshoo pondered over her career aspirations and evaluated how she could successfully balance both work and family, several things presented themselves all at once. It was an aha moment! She realized she had the potential to open her own business doing something she was truly passionate about and empower other women.

Bar Method Frisco 2With a background in dance and a love for barre workouts she trusted her gut and seized the opportunity to design a studio environment to help women feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. After trying numerous barre fitness programs and studios she found The Bar Method resonated the most with her. Reshoo stated,

It’s the only environment in which you’re not just treated as a client but as your own person, with your own physical history, background, and goals. Every single client has the opportunity to obtain the best workout that works the most effectively for their own body type. After all, no one body is the same.

Game Changer

On March 3, 2018, with a newfound sense of freedom and game plan in motion, Reshoo became her own boss by opening The Bar Method Frisco. This sleek fitness boutique is located at 1606 FM 423, in Frisco, just outside of Little Elm.

The Bar Method FriscoThe studio offers barre fitness, which is ballet-inspired strength exercises that combine elements of Pilates, dance, and yoga. In a typical sixty minute class you’ll also utilize your own body weight along with props (free weights, mats, and a ball).

The Bar Method provides two barre classes for clients to choose from and is designed for all levels. ‘Bar Method’ is designed for all levels. No experience is necessary to attend this class!

If you’re seeking a more challenging class, ‘Bar Advanced’ might be for you. This format is similar but offers additional repetitions and a more challenging choreography.

Classes are also offered 7 days a week at various times to fit even the busiest Frisco resident’s schedule.

What to Expect When You Visit

Barre classes are strategically designed with a warm-up sequence, upper body exercises, a series of leg and seat work at the barre along with core exercises. And yes, ladies, there will be push-ups to help define your upper body.

Bar Method Frisco 3A barre fitness regimen will help you get more toned, stronger, healthier, and more stable in other workout programs as well. For runners, barre exercises are a great source of cross-training. It strengthens lower body muscles and joints along while stabilizing runner’s hips…thereby reducing injuries.

Reshoo recommends that clients commit to 3-5 times a week consistently and eat a well-balanced diet. In as little as two weeks you’ll begin to see results. Reshoo says,

The biggest and most noticeable, long term results occur at six months to a year. It first starts with better posture, more flexibility, and shoulder definition. Your thighs will become leaner and stronger, and over time…a strong core, which helps to lean out every other part of your body.

A strong core helps to reduce back pain and injuries. Reshoo’s classes have helped transform several of her client’s lives. Some of the clients were undergoing pain management treatments prior to attending The Bar Method. After incorporating barre exercises into their fitness routine they no longer have to take steroid shots. Their back and spinal pain have decreased.

At The Bar Method, instructors are extensively trained for six months to ensure they understand various body types, anatomy, injuries, and pre-existing conditions. This enables the instructors to customize workouts and offer modifications when needed for a wide array of clients (from sedentary to super fit).

While fitness classes generally obtain a core client following, instructors never know when someone new will walk into their class. And let’s face it, nobody wants to pay money to attend a class and feel they aren’t able to keep up with the other members!

Due to The Bar Method’s highly trained instructors, everyone can walk away feeling empowered knowing they got a killer workout in. The Bar Method also has a physical therapist on staff (on a national level) who can help offer modification suggestions for exercises that enable clients to get a good workout without hurting or creating further injury.

Ready to Try a Class?

Have you tried barre fitness? If not, consider one of Reshoo’s inspiring classes. As a woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend she has navigated through the challenge of balancing career and family. She can help empower you on your fitness journey. What are you waiting for?

Bar Method Frisco 4

Visit The Bar Method online and click on Class Schedule to see the full list of available classes. Consider taking advantage of the New Client Special and get $10 off your first month of unlimited classes (regularly $99) with the promo code NCS10. Offer is good until 12/31/18. Why not treat yourself to the gift of health and stay in shape this season?