The Best Times Aren’t Made, They’re CRAFTED in Frisco

Do you ever wish you were more comfortable creating with paint, had the first idea about power tools, or had the courage to set about turning raw materials into something fabulous?

Enter Crafted, Frisco's very own home-grown wood-crafting studio! At Crafted, expert instructors guide crafters during group workshops through the use of materials, paint, and even power tools.

Crafted allows guests to create fantastic and customized wood creations that look polished, professional, and – more importantly for those of us inclined to stop halfway through our Pinterest-inspired projects – finished and ready to display.

Custom-Designed Woodcrafts Hand-Painted and Finished by YOU

Crafted is enthusiastically welcoming to newbies and those inexperienced with woodwork, power tools, or distressing. Owner Melissa Winton says,

We understand that the vast majority of our crafters are very apprehensive upon entering our studio because wood and power tools are way out of their comfort zone.

Winton notes that the majority of people who register for their workshops immediately claim a total lack of experience with woodwork and crafting. While roughly 1/3 might be more creatively experienced, it’s still often the first time many of them have tried a larger or more detailed project.

Winton is passionate about creating a welcoming, supportive environment for the inexperienced crafters and loves passing on knowledge and a sense of success. She proclaims,

We want everyone to feel comfortable and, by the end of the workshop, empowered to do it again. We take modern-day faux-finish techniques made popular by HGTV and Chip and Joanna Gaines and simplify it for everyone who comes into the studio, regardless of age or skill level.

Crafted is unique among its kind because it’s not a franchise. Rather, Winton, is a Frisco resident and the primary workshop instructor. Winton notes proudly,

Since we opened Crafted, we've seen a huge boom in boutique wood craft studios, many of which are franchises. We're proud that we're not a franchise, which allows the opportunity to grow and adapt easily with the changing trends in the DIY and decor industry.

It's our process that truly sets us apart, but we also offer some wood crafts that aren’t available in any other studio of this kind.

CRAFTED logoWinton has owned the business for almost three years, but her love of woodworking can be traced to her teenage years, when she would spend hours working and watching her father and step-father, both master carpenters, work on projects in the garage.

Winton grew up in Orlando and notes the influence this had on the path leading her to Crafted.

I had open access to Disney and Universal Studios whenever I wanted. I was fortunate to learn from industry leaders on scenic design and techniques. Through some chance social media exposure and meetings, I began building sets and scenes for the Halloween and Haunted Attractions Industry.

This work ultimately led her to begin teaching Make-and-Take workshops and leading design demonstration seminars at area conventions – this kind of teaching and demonstration experience laid the foundation for the work she does daily now – leading crafting groups through the process of creating a finished wood product.

Winton is quick to point out that the greatest influence on her skills and career path was her relationship with her best friend (and co-founder of Crafted), Melissa LaGrange. Winton laughs,

Melissa and I used to have a running inside joke that I had the ability to make new things looks old (and scary!), while Melissa had the ability to make old things look new.

Get Crafting in Easy as 1-2-3!

Winton and LaGrange often dreamed up ideas for their own business over Pinterest boards and one day finally decided to pull the trigger. Crafted was born, a business based on helping clients turn raw pine wood pieces into beautifully finished home decor through distressing and paint techniques taught to guests on site during the project.

Crafted Wood Craft Studios_6962Crafted doesn’t just provide offerings for adults, though. They set themselves apart from other studios by offering designs and classes specifically for children.

Winton’s childhood memories of wood-working have given her a passion for instilling a love of wood-craft in young artists and her offerings – birdhouses, picture holders, and small signs – are specifically chosen to help young creatives feels empowered and excited about the possibilities of their work. Winton reminisces,

I grew up building birdhouses with my dad and I want parents to have that same opportunity with their children.

Crafted recently moved to a new space in downtown Frisco, a studio that Winton believes provides a more aesthetically pleasing space and a better flow for workshops. Winton confides,

We’ve also recently partnered with Chalk Couture and we will be introducing pillows and tea towels to our craft line-up soon. We're hopeful that trial workshops will be offered as soon as April, so be sure to follow us onsocial media to catch the updates.

Crafted is an enthusiastic member of the Frisco business community and is sponsoring the Family Fun Area at the Annual Frisco StrEATS Gourmet Food Truck & Music Festival on May 11. (Small wood projects will be available for kids to complete for their moms in celebration of Mother’s Day, May 12, so be sure to stop by!)

Crafted offers private workshops that have been booked for corporate team-building events, holiday parties, children’s birthday parties, bridal parties, baby showers, fundraisers and every other kind of gathering imaginable.

They also offer public workshops regularly during both the day and evenings for individuals, smaller groups, and children. Their public workshops can be a great option for a group of friends, a unique date, or a structured play-date.

Whatever the occasion, Crafted offers the perfect opportunity to gather, laugh, and learn with friends and loved ones while creating a piece that can be treasured for years.


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