The Community Grill – Where Neighbors Gather in Frisco

The Community Grill table

John Kinch spent 32 years opening and running restaurants. From fast casual to fine dining he worked for brand names big and small and finally, his wife asked if it was time to do his own thing.

John Kinch The Community GrillJohn didn’t see inspiration in a menu item or a popular trendy style. Instead, he was inspired by his community. He thought, there are corporate chain restaurants and entertainment venues but what’s disappeared are the neighborhood grills and taverns. Places to take your kids or places to go out on a date night…

The Community Grill was born out of this realization that he needed to create a place where neighbors can gather for good food and good company. And they’re doing just that at the southwest corner of Main Street and Teel Parkway in Frisco.

John credits the community itself for the fact that on a Friday night you’ll see people getting up walking around talking to each other. As a 15-year Frisco resident with a wife and two children deeply involved in youth sports and Frisco ISD athletics, the people in Frisco represent community and connection.

The Community Grill 5He credits the sleek and inviting, farmhouse-inspired decor to his wife’s special touch. There’s also a personal connection many of the items you’ll see have for his family and friends.

The corrugated metal throughout the restaurant, the window frames proudly featuring pictures of local youth athletes and the barn door hanging near the entrance all came from a friend’s barn in Iowa and were hung by John, his kids and his in-laws. John shares proudly,

We wanted this space to be about the community. There’s no national branding or national teams hanging on our walls. To me, in our neighborhoods, these are our sports stars. This is their neighborhood. Their friends and families come in here, so we put up their photos.

He acknowledges the friendly service is due to the fantastic people working for him who take great care of their guests. High school and college students with busy schedules are stepping up to fill roles as hostess, bussers and waitstaff. John says it’s not easy working around the schedules of high schoolers but that he feels it’s his responsibility as a community leader to help develop kids for the real world.

He credits the elevated food that comes out of the open-style kitchen to his talented General Manager. The Community Grill’s kitchen is about 85% made from scratch, like their ranch dressing and vinaigrette made in house. You’ll find comfort food with a culinary flair – items you recognize but with a higher flavor profile.

The Community Grill 4They don’t skimp on the appetizers, and it’s deliberate. John knows that sometimes you want to sit around the community style table and snack with your group or friends on an order of his delicious Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

The menu houses a variety of sandwiches, pastas and side dishes too, like the ever popular Four Cheese and Prosciutto Mac and Cheese. The Garden Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a customer favorite and you must try the unique Farafalle Genovese, a perfect combination of pesto and marinara sauce that gives an earthy, full, vibrant flavor.

In addition to being a full-service casual dining restaurant, The Community Grill has a full bar and wine selection, plus local beer on tap. You’ll find beer favorites like Dallas Blonde, Unlawful Assembly and Manhattan Project available and served ice cold to perfectly complement the rotating featured wing sauce flavors.

What are you waiting for? Gather with your neighbors for good food, good conversation, and a sense of community pride.