The Doctor is ALWAYS in at Legacy ER and Urgent Care

I firmly believe illness and injury are subject to their own version of Murphy’s Law… If you can get sick or hurt during a time when your regular physician isn't available, you will.

My family (like yours, probably) seems to have a knack for needing medical attention at the most inconvenient times. I mean, really. Could someone, just once, spike a high fever during regular business hours?

As a “retired” commercial banker and part-time writer, I’m hardly qualified to triage a toddler. But, I know enough to understand that my choices can have serious consequences. Do we go to the hospital ER? Tough it out until the pediatrician is open on Monday? Head straight to whatever urgent care is closest?

Legacy ER_Dr WoodyAnd it’s not just the kids. As busy adults, if we're under the weather, we need to get back on our feet as fast as possible. An expensive ER visit for indigestion is not on anyone’s to-do list, but at the same time, we know better than to ignore potentially serious symptoms.

Convenience is everything.

While we can all dream of a world where our family’s medical issues happen on a convenient schedule, this simply isn’t reality.  Inevitably, issues will arise at unpredictable times and our decisions for urgent and emergency care matter. They come with major health and financial consequences (not to mention the potential for the tremendous inconvenience).

Having a trusted, available provider is really valuable.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care has been providing quality care to our community since 2008 and is now the nation’s leading health care customer service company.

Legacy ER SignageChief Medical Officer, Jay Woody, M.D., sums up how Legacy ER & Urgent Care has become a leader in the industry: “By providing excellent service, fair billing, and doing what’s right – always.”

Legacy ER & Urgent Care combines a unique, patient-focused business model with the highest quality of care. But what makes Legacy ER & Urgent Care different from the others?

The Doctor is IN.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How can Legacy ER & Urgent Care help your family? Short wait times, quality physicians, and a wide range of expertise. From a minor cold to serious injuries, they provide solutions for busy (and budget-conscious) Frisco families.

It's pretty rare to describe a doctor’s visit as a “great customer experience” but that’s exactly what you’ll find here. It begins as soon as you walk in the door.

The waiting room is clean, welcoming, and calm. With its modern furniture and complimentary coffee, the waiting room feels more like the lobby of a trendy office building than a medical office.

I’ve personally been to Legacy ER & Urgent Care many times, and I’m always impressed by the short wait times.

Legacy ER ExamSometimes I’m bringing a miserably sick child. Sometimes I’m hurrying in with a sore throat before my husband has to leave for work. In all cases, being seen quickly is a major priority for me.

And, time after time, Legacy ER & Urgent Care delivers.

The triage room – similar to what you’d find in a traditional hospital ER – is another great feature. Patients meet with a nurse to check vital stats, report symptoms, determine the level of acuity, and administer medication. From there, patients are assigned a room where they'll meet with one of the highly qualified urgent or emergency care physicians.

The patient experience is efficient, without being hurried, and the excellent medical staff is thorough and engaged.

Is it Urgent Care or Emergency Care?

By providing urgent and emergent care in one convenient location, Legacy ER & Urgent Care acts as a one-stop practice for your family’s medical needs.

When you arrive, the staff will determine if you're an urgent care or emergency care patient – and you'll be charged only for the services you need. (Late night hours are emergency care only, with urgent care conveniently opening at 7 am).

You won’t have to pay emergency room costs for non-emergency care (or endure the long waits so often associated with hospital emergency rooms). By offering two kinds of care under the same roof, they've eliminated the need to make stressful (and potentially consequential) decisions about where to seek care.

 At Legacy ER & Urgent Care, you only pay for the care you need. It's our goal to reduce the financial decision whether or not you bring yourself or a loved one in to be evaluated by a physician. We will always be upfront about the billing status of your condition – more than 80% of our billing falls into the urgent care category. The predominance of facilities unnecessarily upcharging to emergency billing status is why we built Legacy; we are for the patient and for fair billing.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care treats a wide variety of symptoms and issues. Major categories of care include chest pains, abdominal pain, flu, cold, sore throat, itchy eyes, pediatrics, lacerations, wounds, bleeding, fractures, sprains, bruising, stroke symptoms, and seizures.

Legacy ER patient familyFor each category, Legacy is equipped with the personnel and diagnostic tools to provide quality medical solutions. Additional symptoms treated include insect bites, allergies, burns, pink eye, pneumonia, rash, headache, head injuries, vomiting, dehydration, accidental poisoning, appendicitis, high fever, foreign body removal, and more.

The facility offers the full continuum of care, from minor ailments to serious emergencies. The level of care varies with each individual situation, but the quality of physicians, focus on patient experience, and commitment to fair billing remains constant for every type of visit.

Building a Legacy of Quality Care

Chief Medical Officer, Jay Woody, M.D. founded the practice eleven years ago and is proud that for more than a decade they've been providing high-quality urgent and emergency care to his home community of Frisco.

Dr. Woody says his experience practicing in traditional hospital emergency rooms was his inspiration for founding Legacy.

As a board-certified emergency medicine physician, I had been practicing in the traditional hospital-based ERs and felt that the patient experience never lived up to what I would have wanted if I were the patient. I wondered what would happen if we took the ER out of the hospital and unified the leadership to have the whole team working for the same leader instead of the structure used in the hospitals we practiced in. The result of this unification in staffing proved to have a positive impact on being able to change the typical ER experience to one that we would expect as a patient ourselves.

Eliminating the Question of “When to Go”

Dr. Woody didn't want to stop with improving the patient experience. He also wanted to create a practice that would eliminate stressful decisions about where to seek care and lower the cost of healthcare for patients.

In addition to fixing the experience at the time of service, we also wanted to help solve the need for patients to ‘self-triage' on what level of service they needed when they were sick or injured. We knew from our experience that it was incredibly difficult for someone without medical training to be able to choose the right place to go in their ‘moment of ouch,' and choosing wrong could have serious consequences both to their health and pocketbook. By providing a facility that delivers both ER and Urgent Care, we take the guesswork out of where to go. This is a win, win for patients as they get the high-quality care they deserve, and only get billed for the level of care they actually needed. It's a unique concept and I'm excited to be a part of something that can lower the cost of healthcare – because this is a big issue for all of us.

Dr. Woody acknowledges Legacy ER & Urgent Care’s model can be challenging but says his group is committed to their mission.

It’s not easy, as healthcare doesn't always reward those seeking a transparent system as it relates to insurance and billing practices, but it’s our mission, and we're sticking to it! Legacy ER & Urgent Care makes it easy for our patients to understand the difference between accepting insurance and being in-network with their insurance carrier, and we clearly state our in-network insurances on our website and inform our walk-in patients as they seek care. We have the most in-network contracts of any emergency room in your community, which means savings for you and your employer.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care is the largest provider of emergency room services with the most urgent care billing hours for non-emergent conditions, under one roof.  Translation: Just because Legacy ER & Urgent Care can provide high-level emergency care (and charge the accompanying emergency fees), it will only do so when medically necessary.

Dr. Woody and his team are committed to fair billing – charging only for the level of services needed. In fact, Dr. Woody says that over 80% of their 90,000+ annual patients are treated and billed at an urgent care level.

Taking it Nationwide

Legacy ER & Urgent Care currently has five metroplex locations and is now expanding its influence at a national level. Dr. Woody explains:

Legacy ER & Urgent Care is now part of Intuitive Health, a corporate entity we've created to expand the Legacy business model around the country. Our fair billing, customer service model has gained the attention of some of the largest health systems nationwide. In 2019, we'll have four new locations open in Indiana and New Mexico, with over seven additional states with 20+ more locations coming in the following years. We're looking forward to expanding our model around the country and showing other communities a better model of healthcare as they've never experienced before.

Legacy ER Exterior

Healthcare – and healthcare costs – are a hot button political issue and a major financial reality for families. Dr. Woody notes that Texas is a national leader in some areas of healthcare law, but that patients need to continue to push lawmakers to require fair practices across the board.

Texas is unique in that it allows private free free-standing emergency rooms to operate without and affiliation to a hospital. Texans should celebrate having the best access to care in the country. However, with this legislation, there have been opportunities for profiteers to take advantage of unique loop-holes in the out-of-network billing process which has hurt our communities and driven up costs for employers. The exploitation of this loophole is always the ‘big happening’ as consumers speak up, and rightfully so, about creating better disclosure of out-of-network facilities and fair billing practices of these private ERs.

Dr. Woody is proud that Legacy ER & Urgent Care has been a leader in the movement for fair billing, which has resulted in huge healthcare savings for our Frisco community.

Legacy is proud to have taken the path since day one of building a better system for patients to access and pay for care. Being in-network with all of the major insurance carriers means patients are getting fair rates and everything is being applied properly to their insurance – saving our communities over $13M annually in unnecessary ER costs.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care is a top local provider and a national leader in improving the way families access and pay for healthcare. We hope you and your family stay healthy. But, when the inevitable happens, and you need urgent or emergency care, Dr. Woody and his team will be ready and waiting!

Emergency Room: Open 24 Hours, 12:00am to 12:00am
Urgent Care: 7:00am to 9:00pm

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9205 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX, 75033

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