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Their story is unique, and best heard while sharing a cigar with one of the owners. Which is a likely scenario, since the owners of Industrial Cigar Co. are in the shop on a regular basis, not only operating the business but, enjoying a cigar and engaging with the members.

Six years in the making, Industrial Cigars is a family-owned and operated shop, each member of the family bringing a unique set of skills that contribute to the business in complementary ways.

Industrial Cigars familyThe inspiration began years earlier when Dave Frakes was surprised, one evening, to find his grown sons enjoying cigars together. Something he had enjoyed personally for years, he had always isolated his cigars to the golf course. Upon realizing their shared interest, smoking cigars became a family affair. One that included great conversation, laughter, holidays, and a break from the daily grind of life.

This family bonding would soon become a family business.

Prior to opening in 2017, the Frakes family invested extensive time visiting international lounges, working in the industry, gleaning from business leaders, and learning about the culture through first-hand experience in tobacco fields abroad.

industrial cigar co frisco txIn 2017, six members of the Frakes family opened the doors of Industrial Cigars in Frisco. Brandon, Nathan, Andrew, Dave, Ale, and Beglije had the vision to foster an environment where you can not only enjoy a good cigar but where you can also feel at home.

The Culture

Industrial Cigar Co. is a hospitality-driven cigar lounge that offers a public and private lounge space, 2 full walk-in humidors, premium accessories, and a state-of-the-art air purification system.

Industrial Cigars productsThough the business model is based on private membership, the retail aspect of the lounge is open to the public.

Step inside of Industrial Cigars and you’ll find people of all professions and interests…blue collar, white collar, no collar…finding unity around a handmade product that allows them the chance to spend an hour or so forgetting the daily pressures of life. You’ll see new friendships formed, encouragement given, and connections made.

Simply put, the experience goes beyond the four walls of the shop. Walk into Industrial Cigars and a few things are certain.

You’ll be greeted with passion. As patrons themselves, the Frakes family understands the enjoyment and uniqueness of cigar culture. They’re deeply focused on the people and the experience, as much as they are in providing an impressive cigar selection.

Industrial CigarsYou’ll experience the authenticity of cigar culture. Expect to meet people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying conversation, swapping stories, sharing favorite cigars, and even striking up new business relationships.

You’ll want to come back. The amenities and membership options are just the beginning of the experience. Often, it’s a refuge. Someone comes in who may be experiencing the pressures of life – desperate for some peace of mind, an ear to vent to, or some wise advice to help guide them through a tough decision.

“Hey, what are you smoking?”

So how, exactly, does this unique culture develop? Brandon Frakes, head of Marketing and Branding for ICC says that when you’re in the shop, there’s an instant commonality between guests, and there’s an easy conversation starter. “Hey, what are you smoking?” It cuts through the small talk.

Bonds form quickly here. It’s one of the things that separates Industrial Cigars from bars and other forms of entertainment. Brandon adds,

Cigar culture, in general, is very inclusive. It’s a very relationship-driven culture. Hospitality-driven. Experience-driven. We believe each member makes it better.

“Welcome to the Family.”

Industrial Cigar humidorSure, they can tout their exceptional air purification system and the 14,000 cigars in their humidors…but it’s more than that. It’s a family. Men, women, travelers from out of town…their patrons are diverse.

But one thing they tend to have in common? They return.

“Welcome to the Family” is more than a tagline or social media hashtag for Industrial Cigar Co. It’s how they run their business. Brandon says,

At Industrial Cigars, your name is known not only by the owners and their team but by the people you sit with. It’s a community. We want our members to feel like a part of the family. Your last name may not be Frakes…but you’re a part of our family.

More Than a Cigar

The Frakes family believes the cigar lifestyle should be accessible to anyone and everyone. Cigars have proven time and again to bring people together, and in Frisco, where we have a lot of new residents and transplants from other areas, there’s a lot of value in that.

Industrial Cigars spaceSo what can you expect on your first visit? The owners will be glad to show you around. They’ll introduce you to the cigar selection, the amenities, and to the other members.

For cigar smokers in North Texas, the market has finally received the cigar lounge it’s been demanding. Whether it’s your home away from home, a place to entertain clients or a source of community, Industrial Cigars invites you to be a part of their family.

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