The North Texas Turkey Trot – Frisco’s Thanksgiving Tradition

North Texas Turkey Trot 2

Photos courtesy of North Texas Turkey Trot.

Thanksgiving Day I basically have two options: sit awkwardly in a kitchen making small talk with my in-laws while I peel all the potatoes ‘wrong’, OR, I can go frolic outside, with a few thousand of my closest friends, and know I’m one charitable mother (of two children, keep your mind right, friend.)

North Texas Turkey Trot logoThe 8th Annual North Texas Turkey Trot (NTTT) benefiting The Miracle League of Frisco takes place each Thanksgiving Day in the heart of downtown Frisco. 

The event offers a 5K, 10K, and Miracle Mile option, so there’s truly something for everyone. Even for non-runners! (That’s the term I use when I don’t want to say ‘walker’ and have every last friend and neighbor tell me, ‘You can do it. you can run!’ No Karen, I actually can’t. Now pass the remote I don’t want to have to get up…)

I Got This Trot on Lock

I’m not the only one pumped up for this gobble gobble get-down, the NTTT has quickly grown to become Frisco’s Thanksgiving Day tradition, and the City’s largest active lifestyle event – boasting more than 8,000 participants at the 2017 event and an estimated 13,000 people on the race site in Frisco Square!

North Texas Turkey TrotBut what is really helping me burn off the future calories is knowing how much I’ll be giving back to the community, as 100% of the proceeds go to benefit The Miracle League of Frisco. I can ‘trot’ to that tune ALL DAY. 

Since 2005, The Miracle League of Frisco has provided area children ages 5-19 with mental and/or physical challenges the opportunity to play sports as a member of an organized league.

It’s also 501(c)(c) non-profit created and designed to make the experience of being part of a team possible and doing so in a variety of sports – baseball, soccer, bowling, football and cheer, basketball, and track – in a fun, safe and rewarding environment.

Run First, Eat Later

So just to be clear: I’m gonna get to run out the door Thanksgiving morning (well, lookey there, maybe I’m a runner after all!), hang with my buddies, work out, AND give back to an amazing organization? Those are some straight Plymouth Rock feels right there. #America

Join me at the North Texas Turkey Trot in Frisco! To register, click here. For volunteer information, click here.