The Truth About Car Insurance Rates

rev up your engines, Martin Sue says, Scotty I'm looking for my first car, would a Lexus from the 90s or 2000 be a good choice what should I look for and how can I get the cheapest insurance rate, okay well Lexus makes great cars, my my wife's got 2002 ES300 I bought for 4 grand with 60,000 miles best car we ever had, if you can find one like that they're very hard to find, go ahead by one, now what you want to do is, buy a four-cylinder one because the rates, the insurance rates in the United States especially in Texas, they go by engine size, you get a four-cylinder with a smaller engine the rates are gonna be cheaper, and you don't want to go for a sports car because the rates are higher, so get a four-door the insurance rates are cheaper on a 4-door then they will be on a sports one, and just you know look around the price they're very good cars, and the lower the engine the more sedan ish, you're gonna get lower insurance rates, that's just how that works Taleen Soul, says I got a 99 Chevy Cavalier it always overheats when I Drive it over 60 miles an hour, nobody can figure out why, well the mechanics you're going to are idiots, there's only really a few reasons that can overheat when you go over a certain speed, one is if your head gasket is starting to wear, the faster you go it builds up too much heat, I've got a video for that, how to tell if your head gasket is blown, you can do that test and if it's starting to blow, the liquid in the test will turn from blue to yellow, then you know it's blown head gasket, if it's not that, you've probably got a bad radiator, the radiator dissipates heat, if you got an older radiator when your engine goes faster and faster and faster, it builds up so much heat that a worn-out radiator can't dissipate the heat, now how you can test that is, you watch your temperature gauge you go over 60 and it gets high, quick turn your heater on full blast then the heater is dissipating heat, now summer so it's hot, roll the windows down so you don't melt yourself, but if you find your turn to heater on then the temperature starts to go back to normal, you need a new radiator, that's a very good way of testing that, it's how I test it when I'm working on them, Brandon says Scotty, my father has an O7 BMW X3, when you're going at a high speed and you slow down it will stall, I replaced the air filter less than two thousand miles, do you know why thanks, okay well mainly it's a 12 year old BMW and they fall apart when they age, but if your going fast and you slow down and it stalls, it's got a problem in the idling system, and sometimes it's a very simple thing you just need to clean it, I have a very good video, how to fix your car with a little spray cleaner, you buy two bottles of the spray cleaner and it costs you like 14 bucks, follow the directions, it shows you how to clean it, and it'll probably fix your problem, because it's normally the throtte's got gunk on or the mass sensors got gunk on it, and that shows how to clean them, the spray cleaners are gonna cost you maybe 14 bucks and you can do it yourself, if that doesn't fix it, it is a BMW and there's all kinds of sensors that could go wrong, then you'd have to go to a BMW mechanic, charge you a ton of money, because that's how BMW mechanics are but doing the spray cleaner stuff, a lot of times it will fix them, that one gamer says, my 90 Mustang has a problem with battery consumption, if we leave it connected overnight it will be dead in the morning any tipsm sure watch my video fixing battery drain in your carm you got a battery drain somewhere and you can check it yourself it's a very simple thing, you basically take off the negative battery terminal, you connect it with a little meter and you watch it, the meter shows there's a drain, you pull out the fuses in your fuse box one at a time and when the drain goes down, you know that particular fuse, whatever it's running has a short in the system, and if it's something you don't care about like dome light, you can just leave the fuse out, you don't have to, but if you want to fix it then you have to trace that whole system whatever that fuse runs to find out where the drain is, it's pretty simple thing to do on an older car like that, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!