The Value of Renters Insurance

Hi, my name is Theresa Mull I am the President of Compass Property Management Group

Every renter should have renters insurance exactly the same as an owner should have homeowners insurance If [hurricane] Katrina did not teach us anything I don't know what else say I have been advising tenants for over ten years – please get renters insurance It's next to nothing, it is very affordable and if any disaster happens you're responsible for it The contents of the inside of your four walls it's on you and you need to have renters insurance

The homeowners insurance will not cover your contents I encourage everyone to look around their homes, look at their contents and think what if you lost everything This is beyond just the average I have to have car insurance, I want medical insurance, people say I need renters insurance There are things that have occurred in the past year that should all open our eyes It goes to show all of us that anything can happen tomorrow and we don't know it if you do not have renter's insurance nothing in your four walls is covered

The owners insurance covers the property not your contents so please look into it If you need any assistance or guidance reach out to Compass Property Management Group at four zero four four four five seven seven seven zero thank you have a great day