These Bakeries are Baking Frisco a Better Place

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It seems like there’s always a hot (pun intended) new coffee haunt in town, but when you’re craving freshly baked breads and treats, where do you go?

There’s almost nothing better than walking through the doors of a bakery to be greeted by the delightful smell of fresh bread, croissants, and cakes. Or maybe soft, fresh rolls, gooey sweets, cookies, cupcakes… (I could go on and on. Yum.)

Frisco also has an abundance of bakeries tucked in spots you’ve driven by a thousand times, plus some great at-home bakers you should know about.

Ready to discover the best places to grab some baked goods?

Unrefined Bakery is dedicated to producing the finest, purest baked goods. They use zero preservatives in their products and source most of the ingredients for their menu organically. They’re committed to providing lots of options for restrictive diets and their menu overflows with keto, dairy-free, and paleo-friendly options. Grab a sandwich, have stuff delivered, or stop by and take a loaf to go; the delicious menu is extensive.

It’s simple, handmade, wholesome, and really tasty. Every morning, the team at Great Harvest fresh mills premium whole wheat in the bakery and blends it with simple wholesome ingredients, like yeast, salt, and honey. The result is incredibly fresh bread that tastes simply amazing! Check out their Bread and Goodies Menu for loaves of farmhouse bread, fresh burger buns, cookies, and more.

Every day is pie day at Batch. They make everything from scratch, the crusts, fillings, whipped cream cheese frosting, garnishes, and more. Pies are available in 9-inch, 4-inch, and our favorite, Batch Bites, which come in a dozen per box with assorted flavors. While pies are their specialty, they’ve added fresh biscuits and quiche to their menu, served on select weekends.

Mochas and Javas 2

Mochas and Javas

You may have driven through Mochas and Javas for a coffee, and you may love their commitment to using local vendors, no high-fructose corn syrup, and local ingredients as much as possible. But, did you know that they also offer fresh breads, scones, and muffins baked in-house from scratch? The next time that you drive through their location on Legacy, be sure to add a loaf of bread or some muffins to your order!

Every Saturday and Sunday in Frisco, you’ll find dozens of locally-owned, small business owners at our favorite open-air marketplace. The vendors sell unique foods and products — among them, some of the best baked goods and desserts in Texas! Visit FFM for fresh breads, cakes, pies, croissants, and more. What’s better than strolling, shopping, and eating something fresh while enjoying the outdoors?

My personal favorite, this sweet tiny space overflows with old-world charm. Walking through the door is like falling into a street corner in France. Loaves of sourdough bread made from scratch abound here, as do sweet pastries and fabulous cakes, but Tulla Patisserie and Cafe also offers a delightful lunch menu and gorgeous macarons. Rotating seasonal favorites mean that you need to check in frequently to make sure that you’re not missing out on the newest fantastic creation.

Tulla Patisserie Frisco

Tulla Patisserie and Cafe

If you’re looking for the “Ultimate Cookie” with indulgent, crispy edges, and a tender center, check out Cookie Society. Owned by husband and wife team Marissa and Jeff Allen (the latter a retired NFL player), it all started with a Chocolate Chip cookie. Then came the famous Banana Pudding cookie and from there the flavors expanded to over 70. These are the kind of (big) cookies that you tell your friends about.

Another coffee shop that takes as much pride in the food as in its coffee and smoothie offerings, Renew Coffee and Bakery prides itself in breath-taking custom cakes. This is a great place to head if you need a client gift that will leave an impression or if you just want the dessert centerpiece of your next event to be the talk of the town. 

La Finca Coffee and Bakery on Main Street prides itself on coffee produced with the utmost care and precision. This charming spot doesn’t just roast and brew coffee though — the staff devote the same attention that they pour into their beans to a small but lovely menu of baked breads, pies, tarts, cakes, and cookies.

Annie’s is a bakery tucked in at the corner of Lebanon Road and 423. In addition to coffee, smoothies, pastries, and custom cakes, it also offers tons of beautiful macarons as well as bubble tea and smoothies. As our favorite Frisco foodie once said: “From gourmet cookies that are literally the size of a human face (we measured) to the macarons that are piled high with filling sandwiched between light and delicate cookies to Bubble tea and a great fro-yo selection, Annie’s pleases adults and kids alike.”

Another personal favorite of mine, 85C Bakery and Cafe is a treasure. This is an international chain, but it feels like a fabulous neighborhood secret. The standard for excellence is evident in all of the bakery’s offerings. The breads are state of the art and the cakes are worth a stop in and of themselves, but the unique artisan quality of the bakery is most evident in the abundant Taiwanese-style and Japanese-style desserts. 

When you take a look at the Cookie Menu here, you’ll understand immediately why people love this place. Take, for example, the S’mores cookie, complete with a toasted marshmallow on top. Or, how about the Peanut Butter Bar or the Chocolate on Chocolate? The one that really piques our curiosity is the Cookie Dough Cookie. Hmmm….redundant or pure genius? You decide.

The Cookie Rack 2

The Cookie Rack

Celebrity Bakery in Frisco offers all kinds of baked treats and boasts an impressive catering menu, but the shining star of its offerings is its custom cookies and cakes. Whether you need a smash-cake for a baby’s birthday, cookies celebrating a sports accomplishment, or stunning delicious cupcakes for your next event, their bakers will provide delightful offerings.

Sure, the well-known bundt cake bakery has locations all over the country, but the locally-owned franchises feel as local as they are, and they’re worth supporting. Known for their thick frosting petals that adorn each of the cakes, these special little cakes are adored by gift-givers and party-throwers, not to mention those of us with a craving for velvety cream cheese and real butter frosting.

At-Home Bakers

While the above bakeries are fun because you can walk inside, smell the amazing smells, and peruse the day’s fresh offerings, we haven’t forgotten there are many fabulous home bakers who deserve your attention, as well. Check out Quarantine Cupcakes, Melisa the Pie Lady, and Charlie’s Cookie Shop. These talented bakers are one of Frisco’s best-kept secrets that shouldn’t be a secret!

Is there a local bakery that you would add to our list? Please leave us a comment.

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