This Frisco Store Will Make You Feel Like a Gentleman

When you walk in, you’ll think you’re in a secret lair of a spy organization. Something from “Kingsmen” movies, or even “John Wick” with art on the walls, secret doors which I won’t tell you about, and quiet lighting.

At the back there’s a bar. Not a loud, obnoxious bar cluttered with endless bottles cramped together with seven different flavors of vodka. No, this bar only has only select choices on its handsome shelves. All of them premium. You’ll look around once more and ask yourself, “Wait, this is a clothing store?”

Be a Gentleman, Always a Gentleman

Bashar Alhuneidi has been in men’s fashion business for around twenty years, and when he got the chance to open his own store, his vision was not only to sell clothes but to offer an experience. Everything inside his adam aleksander store at The Star in Frisco is carefully curated to convey the message of luxury and personal touch, designed to invoke a lifestyle of a gentleman.

adam aleksander 5Bashar believes that a gentleman is a man of character, action, style, and honorable behavior. At adam aleksander, they create that style to fit each client's individual lifestyle and values.

Rather than compete with the impersonal department stores who depend on moving volumes of merchandise, or the boutiques that may be hit-and-miss, Bashar wanted to carve the niche of custom and bespoke clothing for the discriminating clients and in the process create a comprehensive men’s luxury company.

Being a family-oriented man, he used the first names of his two sons, Adam and Aleksander, to create the name for his brand.

Sophistication Defined By Style

Let’s go back into the showroom. You're first welcomed by an atrium that displays some of the goods you can purchase, but the magic happens in the three separate fitting rooms named after major fashion destinations of the world.

AdamAleksanderThe stylists at adam aleksander will help the client with a fitting, and then present him with a vast selection of fabrics and options until he is completely satisfied that the garment he is purchasing is made exactly the way he wants.

The clothes are handmade by three tailoring houses that have been in business for generations, some over 100 years, and they recently added another one that has been making garments since the 1700s! They're all owned by Italian families, bringing their heritage and expertise to the clients in and around Frisco.

adam aleksander 2Some of the fabrics are truly exotic like the one available that comes from vicuna, a distant cousin of alpaca. With only 7 yards of that fabric in the world at a time, you'll have to vie for one of only two sport coats that could be made.

As far as the non-custom items in the store, these are primarily the accessories – a variety of leather goods, Italian silk neckties, and my personal favorite, feather bow ties. They also have denim options some of which include a touch of cashmere. A lot of these items and fabrics are exclusive to the store and only available in limited quantities.

Soon, you may see shoes as a part of their exclusive brand and there are plans for additional locations in places like Las Vegas and Dubai.

Making it Personal

The staff at adam aleksander stays connected with the client even after the purchase. With the service shifting from retail to consulting, team members assist discerning gentlemen with ensembles for specific occasions. And, the clients come from as far east as the Carolinas and as far west as California and everywhere in between, but the majority of the clients are still local.

Bashar’s approach to marketing is also less-than-traditional. After opening the store around January 2019, he’s already hosted dozens of events at his space, including a Frisco Arts event.

He’s relying on word-of-mouth, but also on his surroundings at The Star. His neighbors are a car brand, a steak house, and possibly the world’s most famous sports brand, the Dallas Cowboys.

So, next time you’re at The Star, definitely visit this very unique showroom. It will make you feel like a true gentleman.

M-F 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat-Sun By appointment

PH: 214.494.2228

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3625 The Star Blvd
Frisco, Texas 75034

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