This is How Moms Can Find Forever Friends in Frisco

Anyone who tells you motherhood isn’t hard is selling you something. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever loved.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for five years now, and admittedly, my personality is the furthest thing away from a stay-at-home mom. I’m busy and impatient; moody and intolerant. I loathe arts and crafts. I can’t pretend-play to save a life.

At the end of most days I feel like I’ve done everything, yet nothing at all. I’ve broken up fights, fed too many fast food meals, gone from happy and proud to embarrassed and enraged all within a matter of minutes.

parenting mom kidsI’ve been challenged all day, yet haven’t really had to think. My brain feels like mush; my body feels lumpy and in desperate need of a trainer and a massage.

I’ve been over-touched and just want to be alone, but then once alone I spend my time scrolling through pictures of my kids.

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times, it’s hard.

And it’s even more difficult when you’re going at it alone.

You have to fight to find your footing in your new role as a mother. Many of us lose our careers, old friendships, free time—any identifiable marker of who we once were. And we start desperately blowing the whistle for help. “Come find me! I'm over here! I'm drowning and can't find direction of who I'll be next.”

But in my five years of navigating this new world of raising little ones,  I’ve discovered some hidden gems where you can find your hidden gems—also known as your forever friends.

friends 1It’s been said that there’s safety in numbers and that most definitely applies to surviving motherhood. I was lucky enough to find my girl gang here, and I think if you’re willing to throw on some overstretched yoga pants and pin up your messy bun, you will too.

Baby Boot Camp

My pregnancies were tough. I mean, tough. Seventy pounds tough. And transitioning into the new world of motherhood, and the new postpartum body that accompanied it was even tougher.

Somehow when my first child was only eight weeks old, I found the courage to try a little class called Baby Boot Camp of Frisco. I was motivated by the hope that I'd regain a piece of myself again—and just get out of the house. What I didn't expect to find was a group of women who would become my best friends and help me navigate through some really challenging years ahead.

Baby Boot Camp is a mommy and me program that provides exercise classes, nutrition, and community support for moms. They meet five mornings a week at Stonebriar Centre before it opens to the public and classes last 45 min.

workout friendsThe fitness component is amazing, but the friendships even more so. They offer Moms Night Out, play dates, and coffee after the workouts because hey, you’re already at the mall so why not sip a Starbucks with a new friend?

You see, the secret sauce of Baby Boot Camp isn’t found in the burpees, its discovered within the deep connection of women with one goal: to better themselves—whether that be with their bodies or their babies.

MOPS International

Here’s what hooked me about MOPS: coffee and childcare.

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, but that term is used loosely. They welcome new and expectant mothers all the way through those with elementary aged kiddos. There are five locations in Frisco alone that host these bi-monthly, two hour long meetings which include amazing speakers, service projects, crafts, brunch, and did I mention warm coffee?

friends 3You're seated at a table for the MOPS year (September-May) with the same 10-12 women, so you really have the opportunity to form relationships in and outside of motherhood. Play dates and Moms Night Out's are also organized by your MOPS leadership team.

Registration for the new year is open now, and you can search for varying Frisco locations here.

MOPS meetings are held in churches, however, the emphasis is on uniting in motherhood so doors are open to anyone—faith or no faith.

Frisco Public Library: Babies, Books and More

So what if your baby can’t read yet! You can shake a rattle and chat it up with some potential new friends. The Frisco Public Library offers weekly story time for infants fresh out of the womb up until five years old.

The classes are divided by age (and free!) which provides a great opportunity to meet women in the same walk of life.

Indoor Play Spaces

Want to beat the heat or stay out of the cold? Frisco has a ton of indoor play places where you can sip coffee while your kids make believe. These are prime spots to find new friends because you can cozy up with some conversation while your children are entertained.

Try these: Jungle Joe's, EQ Kids, Play Street Museum, The Coop, Little Humans Big Fun

Bonus: all of these venues are well contained with only one exit. Much easier to meet people when you can take your eyes off your child…for a second.

All lasting friendships require one important ingredient: vulnerability. So no matter what story time or workout class you attend, you won’t find a forever friend without the willingness to put yourself out there.

girlfriends 1I know that requires a boldness some of us introverts lack, so here’s what I’ve found to be a successful conversation starter once you spot a mom who appears to be kind: ask how old her child is.

I know that sounds silly, but it works. It’s an open-ended question that can lead to so much more. And likely, she’s craving connection as much as you.

Life is better done together and thankfully we live in a community that really supports young families. So grab your baby (or bump) and join me.

I’ll be waiting to meet you, new friend.

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