This is How Tiny Homes Will Bring Big Hope in North Texas

This article was authored by Kelly Singleton, Director of Community Impact, Treasured Vessels Foundation.

When I kiss my youngest daughter good night in her quiet room only filled with the dim noise of her sound machine, she is safe and secure in her bed.

Her only worry might be the hypothetical monster under her bed or the boogie man in the closet, but she can fall into a sound sleep without any worry of danger or harm.

That’s not the case for at least 400 underage girls who are being trafficked and exploited right here in Dallas each night without a safe bed to lay their head on each night.

hopeChild sex trafficking can be a very difficult topic to discuss. In fact, we can have a hard time even imagining that this is happening to children all over our country and even 20 miles from where we live.

When we look at the enormity of this issue it can become overwhelming and you may think, where does a person even begin to put an end to it?

In order to start breaking the cycle, we must provide help and healing to adolescents who have fallen victim to human sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

What happens after these young girls are rescued?

There are only 30 safe beds in the state of Texas that provide long term residential care for minors and zero of those beds exist here in North Texas.

At Treasured Vessels Foundation we believe these young girls deserve the healing they need to have a chance to break the cycle of exploitation and trafficking. They should have the time it takes to get the professional and medical help they need to rehabilitate and become empowered as healthy and whole.

We're currently building a safe community of tiny homes to provide long term residential care for girls ages 9-18 years old. Treasured Vessels Foundation has made progress to having one tiny home built and another currently funded with the projection of 8 additional tiny homes that will house 40 girls to complete this specific community here in North Texas.

We've been perfecting this model for the last three years to create the first evidence-based program with the goal to replicate these programs nationally and internationally. We aspire to bridge the gap of an adolescent child who has been affected by human sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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