This is the Way Ice Cream Was Meant to Be Experienced

Ice Cream is nostalgic. It’s an experience almost as much as it is food, with notes of carefree summertime days, childhood and family.

And it’s also delicious. There’s no arguing that fact.

But if I’m being honest, I’ll tell you that ice cream has never been my go-to sweet snack. I love the experience of course, but the flavor and consistency have never been on my favorites list, even when pregnant and craving pickles at midnight. I like it, but I can’t say I would ever count it as a true foodie love.

The thing I realized, though, after visiting Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Frisco, is that maybe I have been grossly underestimating this frozen treat.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not that ice cream wasn’t my favorite but rather that I had never had ice cream the way ice cream was meant to be had.

Brusters Ice Cream 2

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is just what it says it is, REAL ice cream. I’m not sure I ever realized the difference and with all due respect to our other favorite frozen concoctions, there’s something special about this new Frisco gem.

The cornerstone of Bruster’s business is quality–both in the product they make and the service they provide. The product is REAL ICE CREAM, made the old fashioned way, on-site, using the homestyle Mix (made using fresh cream from Bruster’s very own dairy) which is shipped fresh to each of their 200 stores nationwide.

From there, certified Ice Cream Makers make small artisanal batches, using various mix-ins (think: true Oreos and real pie crust) to create any of their 150 made-from scratch recipes daily. Frisco’s Manager, Pat Huxton, explains,

The Bruster’s difference is freshness. Everyone knows what ice cream tastes like, but not everyone knows what fresh ice cream tastes like. Once you have had fresh ice cream straight from the machine (or a few hours after its been made) you’ll never willingly go back to the supermarket stuff.

Speaking from experience, I’ll tell you this is true. The difference is subtle but enough to convert this former non-ice cream lover to a die-hard fan. It’s truly delicious.

Within our community, Bruster’s is already becoming a household name. Huxton, a true ice cream expert, is already falling in love with Frisco and the people. As Manager, he’s able to manage the flavor menu and loves to watch as we discover new favorites (Graham Central Station is one of Frisco’s newest discoveries) and keep some of the classics, like Butter Pecan and Southern Banana Pudding, close to our hearts.

And trust me when I say that this man knows his ice cream. His love affair with the sweet confection began in childhood, but took off in college where he began experimenting with his own flavor creations, think honeyed goat cheese ice cream with a fig preserve swirl and toasted pecans, first as a hobby and then as a side business.

From there Huxton spent years in the hospitality industry before landing at Bursters, where he happily manages a team of Certified Ice Cream Makers and Waffle Cone Specialists (yes, they make them in-house and yes, they smell glorious).

As a foodie, I can tell you that spending the afternoon with Huxton at Bruster’s was a carnival for the senses. Watching a fresh batch of vanilla being made, and, yes, even lending a hand and tasting all the flavors I could, brought a newfound love of this delectable treat to these tired taste buds.

When you order Cookies and Cream at Brusters, you’re getting entire chunks of real Oreos. When you order Key Lime Pie, you get hunks of graham cracker crust. The Birthday Cake, every child’s favorite, is filled with swirls of actual icing. The ice cream is creamy and dense and the flavors are completely fresh and completely on point.

More importantly, it’s fun. The experience of Bruster’s takes you back to childhood, with the walk-up window and curbside tables.

It’s nostalgia and community and a sweet treat, all wrapped up in a waffle cone.

And one last thing about the ice cream you should know: it’s not just a summertime thing. Huxton and his team work hard to create seasonal flavors filled with all of the holiday deliciousness you crave this time of year. Thanksgiving ice cream? Yes, it’s a thing. Think Pumpkin Cheesecake (my personal favorite) and Caramel Apple Pie. Christmas flavors? There’s gingerbread and peppermint and eggnog. Brusters makes fresh ice cream a seasonal affair and allows you to enjoy your favorite summer treat all year long.

Beyond the ice cream, though, Huxton and his team are Frisco partners.

As we continue to grow as a company in Frisco/Little Elm, we hope to plant ourselves in the community as a family friendly hang out spot. We want to support the causes and passions that our community supports as well in any way that we can.

They host spirit nights and work with Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops. They’re a perfect spot for gatherings and events and the team is here to help the entire community take a sweet bite out of this Frisco life.

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