This is What Happens When Learning and Development is CREATIVE

Wouldn’t it be nice if learning was always creative, used the latest technology, and achieved its objective in an efficient amount of time?

Lights, Camera, Action! (4K cameras, that is…)

Visual Learning Solutions in Frisco creates educational and training videos for a variety of big-name brands and small businesses. Their video production expertise allows them to fill a unique gap in the Learning and Development market, producing professional training videos and online certification programs.

Visual Learning Solutions provides services related to instructional design, interactive content, gamification and more. Sounds good, right?

Educational Resources for All

Buddy Broyles began a production career in live-broadcast news over 30 years ago and has been honing his skills ever since. After years in the video production industry, Buddy and his wife Denise noticed a lack of focus on the educational industry and opened Visual Learning Solutions in the fall of 2015.

visual learning solutions cameraVLS creates custom branded internal training videos, franchisee resources, and a variety of customer-facing educational assets as well. Buddy has worked with brands like Hilton, 7-11, and Pizza Hut to produce employee training resources that allow these organizations to manage hundreds of franchise locations across the United States.

One thing that sets VLS apart from the competition is their complete flexibility and access to a private studio space. They work with HR departments to identify needs and execute professional-grade video productions, rising to the challenge of tight deadlines and a variety of legal guidelines.

Buddy and his team can create new products from scratch, improve upon a draft, or create videos that align with existing branded content. The goal is to augment existing capabilities by executing or improving video training resources.

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Video Production in Frisco and Beyond

The Visual Learning Solutions studio in Frisco is equipped with 4k cameras, professional lighting, mics, and teleprompter equipment. Local businesses can easily rent the studio for a few hours or engage with Buddy’s team to fully produce a training product.

visual learning solutions camera2VLS works with clients to develop videos from scratch. This includes “lights, camera, action” complete production equipment, scriptwriting, talent coaching, and post-production editing features.

Along with exceptional video production, Buddy’s team follows your project from concept to delivery, offering innovative e-learning integrations and reporting tools such and knowledge checkpoints, quizzes, and learning assessments.

They’ll seamlessly integrate your newly-produced videos into your preferred learning management system so that students can take the course, pass tests, and complete their certifications.

Future Solutions and Innovations

Visual Learning Solutions has spent the last five years producing custom branded content for their customers. Their latest venture lies in creating their own content fully in-house.

Buddy is currently recruiting local Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a variety of industries who will partner with VLS to create training videos related to a specific market. This will allow Visual Learning Solutions to sell comprehensive resources to their clients, who can rest assured they’re getting professional-grade training or educational videos with content that’s fully vetted by an expert in their field.

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Buddy and Denise service a diverse group of businesses, each with their own needs and project goals. The combined talent at Visual Learning Solutions allows the team to branch out and produce materials for their clients in a variety of contexts.

We employ a ‘flex and surge’ business model to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our clients. While the educational market is our main focus, we can accommodate to fit any of our clients’ video production needs, including on-location live events, drone footage and more. — Buddy Broyles, Owner Visual Learning Solutions

No matter your industry, size or budget, the team at Visual Learning Solutions can elevate your brand’s training materials, create a new course, or provide exceptional video production resources right here in Frisco.

Visual Learning Solutions LogoLifestyle Frisco readers can access the talent-ready VLS Video Studio for as low as $100 including Lights, 4K Camera, and Sound!

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