Treating Yourself to Self-Care Can Save a Life

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This article is sponsored by Culture A Day Spa.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to convince me to get a massage. I work multiple jobs and care for multiple kids, anytime I can slip away for a little self-care and pampering is a promisingly good day.

But recently Culture A Day Spa gave me even more of a reason to treat myself to a day of rest and restoration. From now until the end of March, a percentage of their proceeds will go directly to benefit the American Heart Association.

This is a noteworthy announcement in general, but let me share why it went straight to my heart:

A few years ago, I found my healthy, thirty-one-year-old, former athlete husband unresponsive on our bedroom floor. Unbeknownst to us at the time, he had a really rare heart condition, one that not only would require a transplant to continue living, but is also genetic. Meaning both of our young children had a 50% chance of having it as well.

In one morning, my entire life shifted. Roles that were once his became mine. My husband had to learn to eat, walk, and care for himself again, and for a few solid years, my self-care went out the window as we rebuilt our family and learned our way around heart disease.

culture aha heartSo this incredibly charitable act by Culture A Day Spa takes on multiple meanings for me. Of course, there’s the impact of a Frisco small-business that has taken time during an arguably uncertain year for small-business owners to give back.

But also, by treating yourself you’re directly giving back to families like mine who are affected daily by heart disease.

And let’s face it, this could just be the most luxurious and lovely way to support a good cause. The services available at Culture A Day Spa are endless, but those included in the AHA Giveback are:

Mint Chocolate Mousse Facial

Immerse yourself in a decadent blend of mint and hints of cocoa while your skin is transformed. A mint enzyme softens and smooths your skin while a fresh mixed cocoa mask nourishes and hydrates.

Double Chocolate Exfoliating Massage

Melt away stress with an infusion of cocoa and nourishing oils. Experience soft and hydrated skin with an invigorating sugar scrub followed with a mint cocoa mousse massage.

Meridian Massage

The Meridian Massage is designed to stimulate full body harmony combining therapeutic massage techniques and balancing acupressure. Light movement cupping and dry brushing encourage blood flow and lymphatic circulation, while arnica and peppermint help to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

“Our goal is to double the donations we received last year,” Culture owner Katelin Schebler says. “In 2020 we had to close because of covid-19 and that meant ending our donation period early. So this year, it would be the biggest honor to double that.”

Katelin and her incredible five-star staff are also using social media to keep followers updated on the daily donations and exciting happenings around Culture.

“Our therapists do an incredible job of updating our social media stories to reflect the donations received,” Katelin explains. “We keep hearts in the front lobby and have a heart board. We definitely love for our clients and our city to be involved in every donation and the progress toward our goal with the Life is Why We Give Campaign.”

Culture is located near the beloved Stonebriar Centre and is Frisco’s only luxury day spa. Guests can expect to immediately be met with 5-star elite service, reflected in the privacy-enhancing layout, luxury-grade robes, and hydraulic heated tables.

A couple’s room with a walk-in shower, as well as a private dining area to enjoy an exclusive spa lunch or toast to a blushing bride, are available for reservation as well. Culture continues to take extreme cleanliness and safety measures to ensure the best care for their guests during their spa experience.

culture white heart ahaDuring heart month, and with Cupid’s arrow about to strike, it’s the perfect time to make an appointment at Culture A Day Spa.

Where loving yourself means opening your heart to loving others too. Book it now.


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