Trinity Oaks Mortgage – Home is Where Your Story Begins

Buying a home is one of the biggest personal investments you'll make during a lifetime. When beginning this process the financials can be daunting so it’s important to find an organization with whom you can work in harmony. You want to seek out someone that not only knows their business but with whom you can trust to fulfill one of your biggest dreams.

Trinity Oaks Mortgage in Frisco is focused on and dedicated to providing the best experience you could expect. They strive to be the ‘Lenders you love’ and a stress-free process on the path to becoming a homeowner.

Their story begins in Dallas, where President TJ Henley entered the mortgage industry as a Loan Officer nearly twenty years ago. Over the years he led several mortgage origination and production teams.

In 2016 he established Trinity Oaks Mortgage with a mission to love their customers generously by orchestrating a simple home buying experience that positively impacts lives.

Hello, Frisco!

Now with six branch locations and expanding, Trinity Oaks Mortgage is proud to announce a Frisco location is opening this month at the Shops at Starwood.

Trinity Oaks MortgageSitting at the helm of the Frisco office is Gabe Garza, a Frisco-native, husband, father, and millennial entrepreneur at heart with a passion for creating a culture of community, love, and prosperity. Homeownership blends these three ideals and he takes great pride in being part of that journey for many people in and around the Frisco community.

Trinity Oaks strives to remove that overwhelming feeling where mortgage lending quite honestly can be scary or mysterious. Instead, they offer you a simple home buying experience.

From the time you begin the application, their objective is to uncover the customer's financial goals and guide you through a process that's not only easy to understand, but tailored specifically to each individual or family's home financing needs. President TJ Henley explains,

Since we work with matters so close to the heart, we serve you from ours. We desire to set ourselves apart as a professional mortgage lender who orchestrates a unique and simple homebuying experience for our customers.

Stepping into 2019 it’s important to understand the trends. The market is currently in a climate of rising interest rates which, on the surface, makes homeownership or moving seem like an impossibility.

A hot economy including record-low unemployment rates (down to 3.7%), and a confident marketplace means the rising rates won't stop any time soon. However, what the average home buyer may not realize is that a rising rate doesn't necessarily mean an unattainable payment.

Trinity Oaks Mortgage 2There are many options for those looking to buy and refinance in today's market. Just because the interest rate is on the rise, doesn't mean you shouldn't consider purchasing.

It's easy to misunderstand how different rates can affect your monthly payment. Trinity Oaks Mortgage offers great rate lock programs with discounts on rate buy-down options and extended lock options – meaning you can lock it in now and have the ability to shop or build without the fear of rates rising beyond your means.

How does this translate in Frisco, specifically?

Within Frisco, the city recently approved a 10% homestead exemption for 2019 which means you can take advantage of a higher tax deduction when you own a home here!

Trinity Oaks Mortgage offers a variety of home loan and refinance products and they take pride in offering second-mile service to families looking to purchase or refinance in any situation. There are considerations for FHA (Federal Housing Administration), VA (Veteran Affairs) for veterans and their families, USDA for agriculture and farmland, and much more.

To orchestrate a simple home buying experience, they keep these core values (among others) to the forefront when working with each family and homebuyer:

  • generous love
  • second-mile service
  • honest communication
  • a relentless pursuit of excellence

Also available to all customers is their convenient app for Android or iPhone. Using this tool, you can complete mobile applications, scan documents securely, message your loan officer at any time and both you and your realtor will receive timely status updates ensuring everyone involved knows exactly what is going on at each stage of the process.

Home is Where Your Story Begins

Providing support through each stage of the home buying process, Trinity Oaks Mortgage takes pride in a well-earned reputation and building lifelong relationships that last well beyond the funding of a dream home.

rinity_Oaks_Mortgage_Logo_VThey're excited to extend a warm welcome to all Frisco residents. Branch Manager Gabe and his team of highly trained professionals are committed to educating you on the process and exploring various options to ensure a simple path to home buying. Quite simply, they “LOVE being your lender!”

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