Turn Back the Clock at The Cell Spa

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As your body ages, have you ever wished you turn back the clock? Through the latest techniques in medical science, The Cell Spa uses biologics and regenerative medicine such as stem cells to treat the root cause of the body’s decay.

Each of The Cell Spa’s treatments focuses on problems that have widely been viewed as unavoidable consequences of aging and genetics – issues such as wrinkles on the face and chest, urinary incontinence, hair loss, and even erectile dysfunction.

The four unique treatment solutions The Cell Spa offers include:

  • surFACE: Biologic skincare treatment helping make the skin healthy and smooth with a youthful glow. SurFACE restores the body’s ability to rebuild the layer of collagen and fat and restores vascularity to the treated areas.
  • V•nu: Vaginal rejuvenation treatment addressing four distinct issues – stress urinary incontinence, anorgasmia (the inability to achieve climax), Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and restoration of the external vaginal appearance.
  • ED’s Shot: Sexual wellness treatment providing a solution for erectile dysfunction and restoring sexual performance.
  • remane: Hair rejuvenation treatment to create new, healthy hair by restoring the scalp’s health and improving normal follicular function.

The Cell Spa - roomThese proprietary treatments include FDA-approved products and are completed in a single office visit in less than an hour. They’re minimally invasive and patients return to normal activity the same day.

The Cell Spa can also supplement their treatments with Stem Cell Therapy for those suffering from severe cases or patients who simply want the best cutting-edge therapy available.

Dr. McKenna Talks Cosmetic Uses of Biologics

Dr McKenna Cell Spa

Dr. Wade McKenna, Board-certified surgeon

Dr. Wade McKenna, a board-certified and fellowship trained surgeon with more than 25,000 surgeries, developed The Cell Spa to focus on treatments in the medical wellness industry. He shares,

The minimally invasive treatments we created leverage my years of surgical experience using stem cells. The proprietary injectable tissue allograft treatments address previously unsolved medical problems by injecting the afflicted areas with concentrated growth factors to regenerate the tissue.

Unspoken But Not Uncommon Issues

The issues Dr. McKenna treats at The Cell Spa are deeply personal and important to individuals, yet they may not be commonly discussed out in the open. Just because you don’t hear discussion about hair rejuvenation, sexual wellness, and urinary incontinence often in everyday conversation, doesn’t mean they aren’t prevalent and a real concern for many patients.

cell_spa_Photo_#5For example, incontinence can be an uncomfortable word, even embarrassing to say or hard thing to admit you suffer from. Many people think getting older means their bladder accidentally leaks when you laugh, run or exercise. But what they’re describing is incontinence, and while it not normal, it’s common. More than 25 million people suffer from stress urinary incontinence.

At The Cell Spa, there’s a solution. V•nu works by injecting their proprietary tissue allograft from postnatal tissues into various locations around the vaginal vault. This restores the more normal structure, tone, and function to the muscle as well as re-activating the nerve endings. The entire V•nu treatment process is handled in one office visit and takes about an hour. Patients can resume regular activities as soon as they leave the office.

Here’s Dr. McKenna on Good Morning Texas sharing details on V•nu:

Growing Clinics

GMT-CellSpa_waterThe Cell Spa is seeing patients at both Frisco and Southlake clinics, and soon to be new clinics in the Montgomery Plaza area in Fort Worth and another in McKinney. In Frisco, you’ll find The Cell Spa inside Novo Med Spa at 5858 Main Street, Suite 280. They’ve partnered with Novo Med Spa to make these focused wellness solutions easily available.

If you’re interested in turning back the clock and taking advantage of the latest techniques medical science has to offer, call 833.CELL.SPA for a consultation with a medical professional.