Tutor Doctor Makes Learning Personal, in Person

It's inevitable. Any time parents get together, it's only a matter of time before the conversation turns to school. College prep, testing, what classes their kids are struggling in…

Of course, parents wonder aloud how to support their kids and equip them for academic success. These chats often turn to frustration. Invested parents are left with more questions than solutions.

Living in North Texas, we enjoy access to the best school districts and impressive educational opportunities for our children. However, for many students, the intensity of the curriculum brings the need for personalized, academic support outside of the classroom for both students struggling to keep up and those competing to stay at the top.

Stacy Parkelj decided to take action.

Stacy has been a Frisco resident and a teacher for more than 10 years. As a result, she knows how tough it can be to achieve academic success. Seeing her classroom students and her own children in need of supplemental help sparked her to action.

study student schoolShe knew students need resources that make them feel confident, supported, and focused on progress. However, she didn't know of a facility that offered the services she had in mind.

Stacy determined the time was right to fulfill her love of helping students reach their fullest potential. She approached her dad, Pete, with a proposal. Pete has been a mentor for more than 30 years and is married to an educator.

Naturally, he was excited about this partnership. Stacy and Pete had the skills, passion, and ability to meet this need. It was a quick decision.

As a result, Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney opened its doors in 2011. They became a Frisco ISD-approved tutoring franchise and started making a difference in each student's life, one at a time.

One at a time?

Yes. Stacy and her team provide customized in-home tutoring and college test prep throughout Collin and Denton Counties. Her past as an educator gives Stacy, and her clients, a huge advantage. She explains,

I know the Texas education system from the inside out. I know what teachers expect in the classroom, and how to equip students for success.

That insight took time and effort to gain. Stacy not only taught in multiple local school districts, but she was also a presenter in district-wide staff development programs. Her talents as an educator earned her numerous accolades for teaching, including winning grants and gaining access to professional development trips.

computer study studentThis professional experience gave her the skills and knowledge necessary to help struggling students turn a corner.

She has her own children to thank for training her for another part of the business. Parents. As the proud mother of three, Stacy fully understands that a struggling student makes for a stressed student, and a stressed student makes for stressed caregivers.

So, what can Stacy say to assure potential clients? She has the best testimonial possible. Each of her three kids has benefitted from Tutor-Doctors' services.

Award-winning service.

Stacy and Pete's vision has paid off for the father-daughter duo. Helping students realize their abilities has delivered positive results for clients, and positive recognition for the business.

Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney won Franchisee of the Year in 2015, and the prestigious President's Award in 2016. Additionally, they've been recognized as a community favorite in multiple polls.

The staff is award-winning, too. Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney tutors have earned international recognition. They meet students where they are and equip them to reach their goals. Stacy explains,

Most families know us for our stellar tutoring but many are surprised to learn that we have one of the most unique and comprehensive ACT/SAT prep programs in the country. Our program melds technology and in-person 1:1 tutoring to create a test prep program like no other.

Tutor Doctor Frisco-McKinney isn't one size fits all service. Certainly, different students have different needs. Consequently, Stacy and her team offer skills-building for core subjects: math, science, and languages.

Tutor_Doctor_studentIn addition, there are programs geared to students who have special needs. Want to improve general study skills and organization? No problem. Need stronger ESL abilities? They have you covered. Importantly, the goal is to match each student with the tutor best equipped to help them.

They achieve this with a four-step process. First, there's a free assessment. Next, students are paired with a personal tutor. After that, customized sessions empower students to shine. And the family gets support with regular check-ins and weekly reports throughout it all.

A great time for tutoring.

Here's a pro tip: summer is the perfect time to get started. Many people try to squeeze tutoring sessions in between soccer practice and orthodontist visits during the school year. Summer sessions have a two-fold benefit.

Tutor_Doctor_team2Firstly, they fit more easily into schedules. Secondly, they help prevent the summer slide — that nefarious loss of knowledge that happens when we give our brains the same vacation our bodies take during the summer months.

Moreover, summer tutoring can also help with anxiety about the upcoming school year. After all, kids who've stayed sharp and done prep during the summer break can go back to school feeling ready to shine.

Tutor Doctor meets their students where they are, to get them where they need to go. They take the time to understand the way they learn and adapt their techniques accordingly. In their homes. At their pace. On their terms. Learn more here.

7 Days a Week: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

They come to YOU!


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