Uncork’d: Not Just A Wine Bar

Upon first glance, it would be easy to assume that Uncork’d was just another Frisco wine bar. With its menu of wines so vast it covers an entire wall of the restaurant and its charming and eclectic decor, it would be a fair assumption for sure. But you know what they say about making assumptions, right?

And in this case, that holds true.

Because despite first impressions, when you look deeper, it becomes apparent that Uncork’d is much more than just your average wine bar.

Born in 2017 in Amarillo, Uncork’d began as the wine bar dreams of restaurant veterans Mike Baird and Lindsay Black. There, the restaurant was a typical Wine Bar, with a limited yet sophisticated menu, a deep and expansive wine list, exclusive top-shelf liquors and a definite high-end vibe.

But Black, who lives in Amarillo herself, admits it was a stretch for the area. It was successful yet never really gained the traction they knew it was capable of. So the big-dreaming pair, who had always planned on expanding the brand, quickly decided to take Uncork’d, decor and all, to the more metropolitan Dallas area, opening the first Uncork’d location in McKinney in 2018.

Black, who now spends most of each week here in North Texas at Uncork’d, has been intricately involved with its growth. She recognized quickly how Uncork’d could carve itself a spot in the heart of North Texas. They expanded beyond the previously limited bistro offerings, creating a scratch kitchen menu filled with heart and depth.

Uncorkd Bar and Grill Frisco

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They introduced wines covering all price points and liquors that weren’t exclusively top shelf. In essence, Black and her local partners recreated Uncork’d, making sure that it reflected their heart for the community. She shares,

The design of the concept was built on the idea of a cozy establishment serving great food that also offered nice wines. There is nothing better than relaxing with friends and family in a comfy atmosphere.

And it worked, quickly becoming a favorite community spot with McKinney locals.

Fast forward to 2020 when Black, partnering with Frisco local Amber Miller, opened Uncork’d Frisco in West Frisco on Main Street. Using the same menu and wine list and local neighborhood vibe that worked so well in McKinney, they were primed and ready for success.


And then COVID-19 hit just 10 days after they opened, forcing them to make the agonizing decision to close the Frisco location, furlough employees, and ride out the storm with the ultimate goal of opening again once the quarantine ended.

The timing was, of course, unfortunate. But, because Uncork’d is a brand and the team is passionate, it wasn’t the end. As soon as Texas began to open up, so did Uncork’d, anxious to win Frisco’s heart and establish themselves as a community favorite, one diner at a time.

Because make no mistake about it, Uncork’d wants to win hearts by way of stomachs and they plan on doing this the old fashioned way, with good food, done right, with a twist.

The menu, the one they expanded from their early Amarillo days, is filled with elevated comfort food offerings. Proving, once again, that this isn’t just a wine bar, it’s a bona fide scratch kitchen. It’s a cocktail menu. It’s a place for date nights, girls nights and, yes, even family dinners.

Uncorkd Frisco

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The menu lives up to the hype, too. It’s truly scratch cooking, with roughly 95% made completely in house. Every sauce is made by hand, the seasonings are their own, and the famous chocolate cake, that’s theirs too. The food is straight-forward, crisp and classic, with a twist. They’re not reinventing the wheel, just improving on it.

Hand Battered Cheese Curds seem typical until you pair them with a spicy-sweet Raspberry Habanero Sauce for dipping. Then they’re next level. The Meatloaf sounds like a classic until you realize it’s actually a Heatloaf, filled with spicy ketchup and jalapeno for a kick.

Nothing on the menu is exactly as we know it, and trust me, that’s a good thing.

This is a menu that begs exploration, peaking your imagination, and beckoning you for a return visit to try something new. It appeals to everyone, from those who crave a classic steak dinner to those who want to keep it light and go meatless. It’s extensive yet not overwhelming. You will find something you love here. Of that I am sure.

And even though Uncork’d is not technically a wine bar, someone forgot to mention this to the wine list, which tops out at around 45 varieties, ranging from high to low end. It’s extensive, exciting and a siren’s call to every avid wine drinker in town. This is a place to try something new, to ask for recommendations, and to enjoy a new glass every time.

wine glasses

Uncork’d, as it seems, is a place you want to go more than once. Black says,

Our mission is simple; we want to provide an inviting and cozy restaurant experience focusing on first-rate hospitality that features food that is fresh, unique, and memorable surrounded by a wine-centric culture that also offers a great variety of cocktail options.

Yet, she admits they’re still growing and evolving. In a way, because they were forced to shut down so quickly in the quarantine, and they’re still brand new. They’re meeting Frisco for the first time (again), and learning what works for us as much as we’re learning about them.

And for Black and Miller, they’re excited about the second chance. They chose their location carefully, wanting to be a neighborhood spot. They want to be a part of this community, to have regulars, to be immersed in Frisco and the community. Uncork’d is here to stay and ready to meet us again.

And, Frisco, you’re really going to like it. This I know.

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Sunday 11 am-9 pm

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