UPDATE: Collin County transportation-heavy bond approved by voters

Updated Nov. 6 at 12:10 a.m.

Collin County voters approved three county bond propositions Tuesday.

Proposition A received 68.63 percent voter approval. The $600 million bond will be used for limited-access roadway, or LAR, projects.

Proposition B—$140 million for arterial roads, including the reconstruction and rehabilitation of arterial roads—received 68.95 percent voter approval.

Proposition C received 71.43 percent voter approval. This $10 million bond will be used for open space and parks.

Updated Nov. 6 at 11 p.m.

With more than half of voting centers in Collin County reporting results, propositions A, B and C have received more than 50 percent voter approval.

Updated Nov. 6 at 10:18 p.m.

Three Collin County bond propositions are still favoring voter approval with 36 of 68 voting centers reporting results.

Here are results by proposition:

For: 199,424 or 68.81%
Against: 90,410 or 31.19%

For: 199,211 or 69.15%
Against: 88,875 or 30.85%

For: 206,372 or 71.23%
Against: 83,343 or 28.77%

“I would be pretty surprised if [the results change]much,” Collin County Director of Engineering Clarence Daugherty said. “This margin is pretty typical for what I’ve seen over the decades for bonds in Collin County. … I think it means that most the people in the county recognize that we’ve got transportation needs that are pretty significant that need to be addressed.”

Updated Nov. 6 at 9:30 p.m.

With nine of 68 voting centers reporting in Collin County, all county bond propositions are passing with at least 68 percent voter approval.

Collin County Judge Keith Self said he thinks the numbers will hold steady throughout the night. Self also said he is delighted citizens decided to make an investment in the county’s future transportation infrastructure.

Voting results will continue to be updated at communityimpact.com.

Originally posted Nov. 6 at 7:16 p.m.

Early voting results and mail-in ballots show all three Collin County bond propositions are passing with at least 68.89 percent of voters voting for the bond.

With only four highways in Collin County and three of them tolled roadways, commissioners determined Proposition A—$600 million—would be used for non-tolled highway projects. Two other propositions on the ballot include $140 million for arterial roads and $10 million for open space and parks.

Here are early voting and mail-in ballot results by proposition:

For: 181,131 or 68.89%
Against: 81,799 or 31.11%

For: 181,158 or 69.31%
Against: 80,232 or 30.69%

For: 186,857 or 71.11%
Against: 75,933 or 28.89%

The $740 million in bond funds designated for roadway improvements, if approved, are only a start. County and regional transportation officials are estimating that $12.6 billion will be needed for road projects to keep up with the projected growth through 2045. More about the bond propositions can be found here.

The $750 million transportation-heavy bond referendum was called for by county commissioners in August.

County officials said if the bond propositions are approved, the tax rate will not be affected, despite ballot language that seems to indicate an increase.