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When it’s time to enjoy a specialty cocktail or mixed drink, I usually leave mixology to the pros. Not only do I stock a pretty sparse home bar, but I typically skip over the recipe and end up with a hit-or-miss-style happy hour at home. Great cocktails require patience, accuracy, and a careful selection of ingredients that most of us don’t keep on hand.

The professional bartending team at Bottled in Bond knows a single component can make or break your happy hour libation. That’s why they source and produce top-quality ingredients and turn them into incredibly unique, delicious cocktails at their speakeasy-style bar.

What’s the Secret to a Great-tasting Mixed Drink?

Bartending is an art form because of how each drink comes together (shaken or stirred?) and based on the quality, freshness, and composition of the ingredients each cocktail requires. Even if you can source quality spirits and fresh mixers at home, some components require complex recipe testing, special equipment, or a professional hand to make just right.

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The team at Bottled in Bond recreates a range of classic prohibition-style cocktails with perfect accuracy for a refreshing, reliable flavor you can enjoy at every visit. They follow timeless recipes with careful techniques and use only the finest spirits, mixers, and garnishes to ensure you always have a fantastic experience.

While BIB’s menu always features the classics, its bartenders also enjoy putting a modern twist on their favorite libations with unique ingredients, seasonal flavor profiles, and more.

Bottled in Bond takes their signature cocktails to the next level by altering their spirits in-house. They age liquors like gin and whiskey to create new flavors without extra ingredients or add-ins. Another popular twist comes through infusing spirits with various ingredients to complement their base flavor and the other cocktail components.

What is “Aged” Liquor, and How Does it Change a Drink?

Spirits are labeled “barrel-aged” not just to sound fancy but to indicate that they have, in fact, been aged in a wooden barrel for a certain amount of time.

Bottled in Bond Cocktail Parlour Aging or “maturing” spirits and wines will remove harsh flavors and add distinct new flavor characteristics from the barrel’s wood. The type of wood used affects the spirit’s final flavor profile and is sometimes charred to add a rich, smokey flavor to the spirit inside.

Typically, the longer a spirit is aged, the higher the quality. If you’ve browsed the selection of barrel-aged whiskies at your local liquor store, you’ve probably noticed the vast price difference between a ten-year-old scotch and a 50-year-old one.

Pre-aged liquors are usually clear and relatively neutral or flavorless, like vodka or gin. As they age, they absorb flavor and color from the barrel, resulting in a unique aged spirit that adds a brand new flavor element to cocktails and mixed drinks.

Bottled in Bond uses a barrel-aged gin that’s produced in-house in their signature “Grow a Pair” to give the cocktail a more robust flavor profile.

What’s the Difference Between Infused and Flavored Spirits?

Infusing liquor with fresh fruits, herbs, or spices adds a delicious burst of flavor that subtly complements the spirit itself and the cocktails in which it’s used. While you’ll see a wide range of fruit-flavored vodkas at your liquor store, most off-the-shelf brands are just that, flavored, which means they’ve never touched a real piece of produce.

Authentic infused liquors have been steeped or soaked in real, natural ingredients to produce a fresh flavor that doesn’t taste like the dreaded “fake fruit” flavor you may find in soda or candy. Infused liquors are healthy and tastier than their artificial counterparts and can be customized to accompany almost any flavor profile. While fruit is the most common infusion for spirits like vodka, you may also see herbs and spices infused with neutral spirits to create a distinctive new flavor.


Bottled in Bond creates their own house-infused citrus vodka, made with fresh oranges, lemons, and lime. Patrons can sip on this tasty libation in the Laters Baby and Frisco Style signature cocktails. The citrus-infused spirit adds a refreshing citrus flavor that acts as a palate cleanser as well. If you’re looking for a simple, classic way to enjoy the fresh fruity flavor, try the happy hour Cosmo with citrus-infused vodka.

Bottled in Bond takes a next-level approach to liquor infusion with the butter-washed bourbon in their Brown Butter Daisy. They mix bourbon and brown butter, then steep the ingredients together for a set amount of days to create a flavorful cocktail with a nice butter coating.

Weekly Specials and Seasonal Features

Visit Bottled in Bond for their “Bonded Hour” Happy Hour from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm all week long, plus enjoy discounts and specially-crafted combinations from the bar and kitchen. In homage to the season, Bottled in Bond is currently serving up a chai espresso cocktail, which features chai-infused vodka to create that classic fall beverage experience.

Bottled_In_Bond_logoSundays: All Day Happy Hour – Enjoy Bonded “Happy” Hour cocktails and small bites all Sunday long!

Mondays: Service Industry Night – Service Industry Professionals receive 15% off their entire tab on Monday nights.

Tuesdays: Burger & Bourbon – Feast on a savory Bison Burger and a Bourbon Old-Fashioned for only $20 every Tuesday!

Wednesdays: Wine Wednesday – 1/2 off all bottles of wine all day! Doors open at 4:00 pm.

Thursdays: $5 Pours – Every Thursday, enjoy Whiskey Pours for just $5. Doors open at 4:00 pm.

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