What Do You Have to Say?

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How many times have you finished a book and thought you'd have written a better ending? Or, have you had a random daydream that needed a manuscript to be made into an actual movie? Maybe you've wished you could dump your thoughts out on paper so you could organize them?

Okay. Maybe that last one is just me. But, if you answered yes to some of these, creative writing can be helpful.

Journaling helps untangle emotions and documents personal history. Writing from prompts improves communication skills. Creative writing unleashes the imagination and inspires wonder. Really, every discipline records thoughts, ideas, and information meant to be shared with others…or not.

The trick to get the most out of what you write, however, is to work on how you write.

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Dawn Rice is part guide, part cheerleader. She and her staff at Write On! Creative Writing Center help coax existing talent out of their students. After all, words are tools. And, they can make a mess, or create art — just like physical tools. That's why Dawn offers training for all skill levels and areas of interest. She explains,

They are designed to fit a variety of skill levels and offer the writer the opportunity to differentiate their end results. Each workshop has key components, they are fun, have a purpose, and they are versatile.

Improved creative ability helps increase communication, confidence, and peace of mind. At least, that's what it has done for Elle, a regular attendee at Write On!, located in the heart of Frisco.

Perfect Timing

Elle is ten years old and went to her first writing workshop in early March. Of course, she was nervous before her first class. But, she lifted her chin, squared her shoulders, and faced the new challenge head-on. Owner Dawn Rice's contagious enthusiasm won Elle over in no time. And, it turns out, writing isn't that hard or scary after all.

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Elle found writing at the perfect time. Firstly, she gained experience facing a big challenge. Secondly, she improved her ability to record and work through her ideas. This came in handy the very next week when, you guessed it, the pandemic came to town.

So, these new skills helped Elle communicate and process her challenges and emotions at a time when both were heightened. They also continue to help provide an immersive distraction that improves valuable life skills.

What Do You Have to Say?

It's a serious question, and really personal, too. Which is why Dawn takes a personal approach to all her courses, drop-ins, and workshops. She welcomes students and ensures they feel comfortable. After all, it's vastly easier to create when you're at ease. Dawn sums it up:

I want Write On! to be a place where all writers— ‘struggling,' aspiring, or proficient— can come together to gain confidence, new skills, and spark their imagination. I want to instill the love of creative writing into our writers so they can carry that love and imagination into all areas of their life— artistically and academically.

And that is certainly the experience Elle has had.

A Happy Ending

Her stepmom, Mindi, wanted a place where Elle could improve her writing and not feel intimidated or unwelcome. After all, sharing original work can be scary. Mindi says that it took all of one day for Elle to realize she is, indeed, a writer. Her first goal is to write and publish articles for kids her age. Next, she'll get to work writing her first book! Mindi beams,

Her confidence in her writing, imagination, and especially in herself grew so much after that week. She is normally shy about getting up in front of people or expressing her feelings, but she presented all of her pieces to a room of people for the Authors' Chair at the end of that week with so much confidence!

Elle's confidence and ability continue to grow. She has declared writing her “true passion” and counts on multiple classes or workshops each month, building on her talent at every visit. The book is still planned. The articles are in progress. And, her improved journaling skills have given her means to process all that is happening in her world.

Sign Me Up!

Write On Creative Writing Center 12.06.44 PMAnyone, at any age, with any inkling of interest, is welcome to explore and grow at Write On! Creative Writing Center. You can get comfortable with a drop-in session or commit to a full workshop.

You're welcome to visit in person or take advantage of Zoom instruction. Full schedules, pricing, and registration are available at writeonfrisco.com.

Whether you want to brush up your communication skills, write a novel, or organize your life experiences, it's worth investing in this valuable skill.

And, if you're in the market for a guide, Dawn Rice and the team at Write On! Creative Writing Center are ready, willing, and eager to help.

In addition to weekly creative writing workshops for kids 2nd-12th grade and adults, other upcoming events include the following (in-person unless otherwise noted):

  • One-On-One Support Sessions (Online or In-person)
  • Introduction to Creative Writing (Online or In-person)
  • Creative Writing Specialty Workshops (Online or In-person): Video Game Writer | Song Parody |Poetry | Screen Writing | Word Art |Journaling for Happiness & Stress Release (Online or In-person) | Comic Book/Graphic Novel | Bullet Journaling | Nature Journaling Series (2 Sessions) | Writing with the Moon Series (5 Sessions)
  • Just Write! Drop-in Sessions (Fridays from 3:30 pm -6:30 pm)
  • Reading with a Writing Twist
    • Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat ~ Thursday, September 3, 6:15 pm (Adult)
    • A Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds ~ Thursday, September 10, 6:15 pm (Young Adult)
    • The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane ~ Thursday, September 17, 6:15 pm (Middle School)
    • On Writing: A Memoir on Craft by Stephen King ~ Thursday, September 24, 6:15 pm (Aspiring Writers)
    • Author's Chair Celebrations (Monthly for all Write On! Writers)

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