What Is Auto Insurance?

There are a few different types a auto insurance Basically, you're insuring when you're in a vehicle The first type is what's called PIP, P

IP Personal Injury Protection That is when you're injured in an auto accident your own car insurance is going to be the one who pays for your medical bills or your lost wages Most people think that when you're injured in auto accident somebody else's insurance is going to automatically pay

But, here in the state of Florida, whenever you're injured your own car insurance is the first person in line to make payment for you or as long as you own a car So, for example A friend and and I are in my car and someone else runs a red light and runs into us, and we both need medical care

My car insurance, because I own the car that we were driving, is gonna pay for my medical expenses and lost wages My friend who was in my car, if he owns a car, his own car insurance is gonna be the one pay for his medical expenses and lost wages Now let's say he doesn't own a car but he lives with his brother who does own a car Now, his brother's car insurance is actually gonna be the one to pay for his medical expenses and lost wages The PIP is the first thing, the first line of payment for auto insurance