What is Black Box Car Insurance?

If you are new or young driver the cost of your car insurance may be quite high, as insurers may consider you to be a high-risk on the road This is due to your level of experience, so even if you drive carefully your costs may stay the same

Black Box car insurance, also known as telematics, is different because it gives you more control of what you pay It allows you to prove you're a safe driver, and as a result you can be rewarded with a lower insurance price at renewal So what makes it different? With standard car insurance, insurers use the information you provide, to calculate a price for your policy But they don't take into account the way you drive That's like your tutor giving you the same grade as your friend, before you even sit the exam

So how is Black Box fairer for first time drivers? Your insurer takes into account the distance you travel, your average speed and how you brake, which allows them to build a picture of your unique driving style They can then use this to help calculate your insurance price That sounds fairer than standard car insurance doesn't it? So how does it work? Your insurer will fit a match box size device to your car, typically behind the dashboard It'll usually take less than an hour, and can be fitted at college, university, home or a place of your choice This Black Box uses GPS technology, the same used in mobile phones and sat navs, to collate information on your driving habits and vehicle health

This information is used to calculate a driver score that is unique to you If it's good, it could lower your insurance price at renewal, and get a thumbs-up for safe driving of course Now what are the benefits? Black Box car insurance gives you greater control of your motoring costs, and by proving you're a safer driver, you can save money on your insurance But that's not all, your Black Box can also detect issues with your car, to help prevent problems in the future such as a breakdown It can also help you find your car if you can't, and advise you on how you can be more fuel-efficient

What's not to like? Now all you have to think about is 'what are you going to spend all that extra cash on?' Black Box car insurance: Safer drivers, save money