What is Motorcycle Insurance? | Allstate Insurance

Hi, I'm Amy Alward I'm an Allstate agency owner with offices in the Portland, Maine, area

I'm here to talk about motorcycle insurance A motorcycle insurance policy is a package of coverages you select to help protect you and your bike Like car insurance, most states require motorcyclists to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage Additional coverage, such as collision and comprehensive, may be optional or required, depending on whether you own or finance your motorcycle There was this one customer who was working toward getting his motorcycle license and called me to insure his new touring bike

Not too long after, I read about a terrible motorcycle accident in the newspaper Then, the customer called me from the hospital He wrecked his bike just after driving off the dealership lot He and his bike fell from an exit ramp onto the freeway and collided with a flatbed truck Fortunately, he was OK

He was wearing a helmet and leather gear, but he still had a broken leg and bad abrasions He called me to help start a claim His motorcycle insurance policy included medical payments coverage, which helped pay a portion of his medical bills Liability coverage helped pay for damage to the truck he hit Finally, his motorcycle was totaled

His collision coverage helped reimburse him for the destroyed bike In all, his insurance covered about $20,000, minus his $500 deductible Without motorcycle insurance, he would've had to pay much more out of pocket for expenses from the accident