What is Renter’s Insurance?

it's a common misunderstanding for those who rent to believe they have no need for insurance they may think their possessions are covered by their landlords policy or they may think that they don't have enough value to cover as insurance professionals we know both assumptions are incorrect a landlord's policy covers the dwelling not the contents for the tenant despite what many renters think all of their personal property is probably worth a significant amount between clothing shoes electronics sports equipment and furniture even young professionals right out of college probably need at least the minimum amount of coverage also everyone needs protection for their personal liability many renters underestimate their total worth their belongings and don't realize that they need liability coverage don't let this happen to you our our agency would like to the opportunity to design a renters policy specifically for your means please feel free to give us a call my name is Robert Heinle at Beynon and Company i can be reached at 412 261 3640