What Types of Auto Insurance are Available to Me?

What are the types of auto insurance that are available to you, the consumer? Well they go into two categories One is property damage and the other is injury damage

Property damage consists of a collision or a comprehensive Usually those provide you coverage to your vehicle when it's damaged Regardless of who's at fault Collision will cover your damage to your vehicle if you hit a pole Or someone hits you

Or you hit them Comprehensive will cover your vehicle damage for something non-collision Like fire or theft or vandalism Personal injury part of auto insurance consists of liability, under insured, uninsured and then med pay Liability is the type of insurance that is required

That makes you liable if you injure or crash into someone else The limits range from 25 on up And there's usually a minimum amount that you're required to purchase After that everything is usually optional Underinsured motorist coverage insurance protects you

Using your own policy When someone who hits you doesn't have enough insurance And uninsured insurance, again, is something you purchase on your policy That would protect you and your vehicle If someone hits you and they don't have insurance at all

Med pay is like a health insurance on your automobile policy Again, it's in addition to the other coverages And usually is very affordable And has limits that will cover your medical bills Your PT and massage bills and so forth after you've been in an accident

And those are the basic types of coverage That you can purchase on an insurance policy